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Natural Elements for the Home

Creating a home that reflects your style can be tricky especially when all around you trends and looks are changing at a constant speed.  It has taken me many a year and trial and error to finally find my look.  I’m totally happy with how my home feels to the point we are talking about the big move.  Not imminently goodness no, other life factors come into play there such as Ruby leaving school first.  We know this is as far as we can go with our little house after the bathroom revamp unless we radically extend but we don’t feel that this is the right place for that.  We want nature all around us, to be able to be remote and use our home as a potential business too.

I know that natural elements will play a big part in a new scheme as much as it has done in my home now.  Natural doesn’t mean beige, I love colour but use it in a subtle way, palettes that reflect nature and the great outdoors, moody skies, heather filled hills, crashing waves on the sand.  Simple materials such as wool, worn wood, ceramics, linens all my tactile favourites.  Beautiful one off pieces that if you are patient enough to look for will enhance your space enormously.

Bringing nature into your home as a display adds texture too, another layer that adds interest, I love lichen twisted branches that sit in my living room all year round.  Seed heads and dried foliage are also equally wonderful, dried allium heads are a particular favourite at this time of year, all grown in my garden.

I don’t like stark spaces, there always has to be a woven rug or throw, a beautiful wool cushion or a basket filled with blankets.  Keeping furniture to a minimum and dressing the room with added natural textures gives you the lived in look, more modern rustic than city chic.



Neutrals and natural elements create a wonderful air of calm to your home too, that is one thing I get told on instagram quite frequently – how calm my space is.  That is all down to the items I use in each room, never over complicate and keeping to a select colour palette really works.  Curated vignettes and changing things around every once in a while give a space a new lease of life without having to replace anything.


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  • Karen

    I visit your blog as your posts always feature such beautiful images and this post didn’t disappoint. We are in the same position as you; craving nature and peace and a home that could be used to supplement or replace our current income streams but tied to schools and not wanting to disrupt the lives of our secondary school aged kids. Sweet daydreaming in the meantime!

    • Jane

      Thank you so much Karen, I am so very pleased that you visit my blog. Apart from my daughter going back to school we are trying very hard to keep those calm moments going as much as we possibly can but its a challenge I can tell you! Always daydream you never know when something amazing will happen. Have a lovely week. Jane x

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