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This is me, Jane. Hello!

Tea with Ruby is an online lifestyle blog curated by me Jane Day, I am a dedicated blogger, product photographer, stylist and freelance writer.

I have a passion for interiors and studied interior design before starting Tea with Ruby.  I am lucky enough to have worked with some forward thinking brands and businesses over the years particularly those with sustainable credentials and those determined to have a positive impact on people and the environment.

Using my voice and images through the blog and social media I create stories that help brands and businesses engage with my discerning and motivated audience.

You can find my work here on this blog , alongside regular instagram posts where my good engagement level exposes brands to my followers.  I also have a large pinterest following where I am a community member for the UK.  You can find a daily dose of pictorial inspiration over on my facebook page too.

If you are interested in working with me please get in touch.


  • Nina White

    Love your FB posts and your blog too. I have also have a passion for interior design and homely stuff (and a small business to express it), so pleased I found your site, you give me so much inspiration.

    • Jane

      Oh Nina what a lovely thing to say. If I can inspire then I’m doing the right thing, your website is rather fab too! Jane x

  • Sandy Fox

    Funny thing, the first I noticed was your haircut!! Mine is super short as well and I love it. 🙂 I look forward to keeping up with your FB page and your blog. :))

    • Jane

      Thank you Sandy, I’ve had short hair for sometime but this is the shortest it’s been as I’ve cut off all the hair dye to embrace the grey! It’s growing back a bit now. I’ll look forward to seeing you over on facebook. Jane x

  • Mary

    Hi Jane-Love your Pinterest page, chock full of lovely images. Look forward to checking your Instagram as well. Have a beautiful day!

    Mary 🙂

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