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Scandinavian Inspiration // Beautiful Ply

I have a love of ply, Nordic birch plywood to be exact it is just so beautiful.   It is raw, honest and warm with its perfect layers and pattern variations, bringing that touch of Scandinavian aesthetic to your home that I find so appealing.  I am lucky enough to own a stunning sideboard constructed with painted ply but the inside of the doors the  grain is prominent, every time you open the doors you catch a glimpse of the layers and patterns which brings such joy.  The wonderful company Custom Fronts supplied me with the tops, sides and doors to create an Ikea hack giving me a designer piece of furniture without the massive price tag.  I know when we ever want to replace our current kitchen then Custom Fronts will be the company I will be going to to design the look I adore.  Clean lines, no handles a kitchen that is functional but chic all at the same time.

Plywood is such a versatile material and if we were ever to self build it would be a big part of the design, the green credentials are superb, being able to use sustainable materials that not only look amazing but don’t harm the planet is quite something.  Not only can you create fixtures and fittings with it you can clad walls in it, design bathrooms with it, you name it you can use it, it is just simply wonderful, low maintenance, tactile but so simple.  I love the clean lines that it creates no fuss or ostentation.

So this post is just a little ode to the wonder that is Nordic birch plywood and I definitely need more of it in my home.

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