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Household Goodness with Object Story

For years I have slowly but surely changed the way we live.  Reducing the plastics entering the house as best we can, living more thoughtfully and taking the time to notice the changes we are making that help our daily routines be far more pleasant.   It is no surprise then that when I found Object Story I was totally smitten.  Not only a feast for the eyes but all the items introduce just that little bit more of a pleasing aesthetic to everyday.

From beautiful brushes that cover a myriad of chores, to tactile ceramics, soaps and scents, candles to coffee pots every item is well thought out and hand crafted to bring joy when doing the most menial of tasks.  I couldn’t resist the woven plate that now has pride of place in my kitchen alongside the ceramic soap dish, with all the hand washing we have been doing of late I definitely didn’t want anything ugly to sit my soap on.  Also I’ve invested in some new copper sponges, no more nasty plastic filled ones that you have to throw away, these beauties you can wash in the washing machine and carry on using.  I love all the organic cotton storage bags and food covers, along with the ever so important French string shopping bags, I have many that I keep by the door so I always have one to hand when going out for groceries.

I asked Alice the founder of Object Story how this wonderful online store came about and what it means to her and hopefully to us too.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been drawn to the little things that frame our lives.  As a mum to five-year-old Arlo, I’m often short on time and head space. But I’m also struck by how everyday routines can become special and memorable, with just a dash of attention to detail.

Take dinner time. This used to be a hectic window for our family; more akin to a food wrestle than an actual meal. Then one day I decided to introduce candles – and the whole experience shifted.  Dining by candlelight introduced a calm and cosy vibe that we weren’t even aware was lacking. It made an everyday ordeal into a treasured event, and really altered the mood.

That’s the kind of lift I’m hoping to bring about with the items I’ve chosen in Object Story.  This isn’t about prescribing Instagram perfection, or making people feel bad about the lives they don’t have.  Instead, I want to unearth the small, simple moments of beauty and enjoyment that can be found in everyday life – as mapped by the minutiae of our households.

The items you’ll find in Object Story can be drawn together to form a coherent and minimal look. But they also work as standalones, bringing a slice of balance and solace to the chaos of modern living.  Each item in Object Story has been carefully hand-selected based on style and craftsmanship. I hope you have as much fun browsing the collections as much as I did putting them together

Alice has four founding values that each of the items available in her store represent;

SimpleObject Story designs are minimal, underpinned by a neutral, pared-back palette 

FunctionalEvery object has a purpose, and is grounded in high-quality, lasting craftsmanship

BeautifulSubstance meets style, for household essentials that conjure up small moments of joy

PersonalThe entire edit is hand-picked, with unique items you can layer with own memories 

I totally agree that household accessories should not only have a purpose but be lovely to use, everyday objects are woven into the fabric of our homes and families, they deserve love and attention, to make us stop and appreciate the moment when we are using them.

Many of the objects are affordable, others are ethical and the majority of the collection are hand picked and minimal in design, drawing from a pared back palette.  They elevate the landscape of the everyday which I find utterly pleasing and will continue to use products from Object Story for many a year to come to bring joy to my daily routines.



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