February Mood

I’m a planner, I plan what I’m going to write about most weeks depending on who I’m working with or what I want to talk about but this week life stuff just got in the way.  Nothing horrid or anything just the usual everyday humdrum, appointments, shopping, school, meetings, friends birthday and so on.  So I just let all of that run and it left no time to engage my brain into creating something poignant for my blog.  However all of this aside, it is good to take these weeks as they come, no sweat, no worries just life.

So I decided to leave you with this beautiful mood board of how February feels to me, cool and inviting with a hint of warmer days to come.  I will be back in full swing after the half term holidays.


Images ~ Pinterest

The Hard Working Dining Table

How many of us have a separate dining room and how often do you use it?

Our house only has two rooms downstairs or 3 at a push if you call the postage stamp of a hall a room.  One long kitchen and a living room the same length but not big enough to fit a dining table in so the obvious place to put a table is the kitchen.  So is it a kitchen table or a dining table, that is the question?  I think the former as our table works hard, its not just for show or the occasional sit down meal.  Our scrubbed pine table does everything, we work from it, do homework, have breakfast dinner and tea around it, we coffee and cake around it, we sit and chat with friends around it, its an all purpose well loved piece of furniture at the heart of the home.  Bringing me back to my initial question about separate dining spaces and how often you use them, I think the way we live our lives today has changed so much that we live more communally than ever before, having a dedicated room just for having a meal in is becoming a thing of the past but I suppose that is my own opinion and I’d love to know yours.

We bought our table with the intention of having it forever, we wanted the scrubbed top so we could make dents and have spills so that each mark became part of our history and after 15 years its still fabulous.  So I’m not about to change it any time soon, well I might paint the legs, I’ve been itching to do that for ages.  I do daydream sometimes about other tables for when the day comes for us to move or if we extend, so that I could fit in a bigger sleeker model in but it would still have the same daily jobs to contend with.

On the good value side IKEA do some fabulous tables like this one, then my mind wanders to the more desirable versions from HAY and Heal’s, my all time luxury item would be a Saarinen large oval by Knoll its dreamy.  For now though I shall stick to my trusty scrubbed pine sturdy table that is part of the fabric of our family, there to create more memories around for the foreseeable future.

I shall leave you with my ever increasing Pinterest board dedicated to the very subject of dining for pure inspirational purposes of course.


Images 1-6 my own ~ Image Source 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12


The Power of Paint

If you read my post last week you will already know I’ve been decorating and I’m pleased to say after hours and hours of painting I have now finished the job.  The hall, stairway and landing are now basking in mucky pink Tea Rose glory and I’m chuffed to bits with the end result.  It changes with the light from a deep pink to an almost nutty brown it is subtle and elegant and has won my heart.

I have been brave and painted everything in the same colour, woodwork, walls and ceiling.  I love the cocooning affect like being hugged in a cosy blanket, it has warmed the space wonderfully and I love the difference going from room to room into the deeply rich hallway, it has worked a treat and I’m very very happy with the result.

Tea Rose is only one of the 38 colour choices you have if you invest in Ateiler Ellis, I can now formally recommend this wonderful paint.  It applies beautifully and covers well, only two coats needed and it goes a long way, its one of the best paints I have used in a long time, rivalling other high end brands that I have tried.

The Ellis Paint collection is one to beat, with its beautiful tonal palette all working in harmony together creating a calming fusion that will work in any home.  Their ethos is simple and I couldn’t put it better myself.

Our paint is a carefully chosen palette of 38, calm luminous colours that offer a quiet, enveloping backdrop for you home.

Embracing our simple-useful-beautiful aesthetic, the colours are deeply rooted in the natural world, as well as personal memories, marks and fragments. Intensely pigmented, the colours are both familiar and comforting. We choose human, nature and art-based colours, rather than trend based palettes.

Inspired by the way we live in nature, in cities and society, the colours can soften a contemporary apartment, or infuse a traditional home with a new classicism.

All 38 colours work together in harmony, creating a generous choice of complete schemes.

Every colour is available in Matt Emulsion which is washable and scrubbable, Wood & Metal Paint in either a Matt or Eggshell finish; Floor Paint and Masonry Paint.

In keeping with our commitment to high-quality craftmanship and the best traditional and modern techniques, Ellis Paints are exclusively hand-mixed to order in London by the renowned paint makers Mylands”

No more words needed I think.  Cassandra has just released a new colour palette to add to the originals called Shadows & Light, creating 10 beautifully balanced deeply pigments Shadows.  Each one is an intensified version of it’s family hue, letting you create a soft connected palette for your home by layering, deepening or quietening each space by using different strengths of colour.  Crafting your home into a calm and relaxed place to live.

I whole heartedly approve of flow, having a colour palette that leads you from room to room making the spaces feel connected and the Ellis Paint palette definitely does just that.

So if you are thinking of a decorating project or a room refresh I highly recommend this sumptuous paint as a place to start.


Images my own & photos by Kalina Krawczyk for Atelier Ellis