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Mindful Moodboards

I’ve always enjoyed creating mood boards, even before technology came to the fore and of course Pinterest.  I would spend hours going through old magazines and cutting out favourite images to make collages, I found it very therapeutic, creating these mini artworks that reflected seasonal looks or what was inspiring me at the time.  By doing this as a past time it helped me feel calm and also able to dream about interior projects I will one day get around to.

Being able to give yourself time to indulge in something fun that helps you slow down and focuses your mind on something particular is beneficial to aid calmness.  I find it helps me be mindful, I find a cosy spot away from the hustle and bustle, make myself a pot of tea put on some calming music and create, putting colour palettes together, finding fashion and food that looks appealing, beautiful rooms and styled vignettes.  it helps clear my mind of all the noise but it also induces sparks of joy.

I now create my collages on my laptop rather than with paper copies but I may go back and get the scissors and glue out too.  Above are some of my favourites from the last few weeks, neutral palettes and softer hues are what I find restful at the moment.


  • All images collated via my Pinterest boards



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