Autumn I Think I Love You

Its time to get the house ready for Autumn, make those little changes to bring this season into full flow.   I always think I’m going to struggle with the transition but I never do, I secretly love the misty dew filled mornings and the russet red sunsets that you simply don’t get at any other time of the year.  One thing I’m not so keen on is the darker mornings I do struggle to get out of my cosy cocoon when its still pitch black outside.

The upside to Autumn is its bounty and the ability to cuddle up under blankets, light candles whilst soaking in the bath, wear soft bed socks or slippers, prepare warming stews and soups,the list is endless.   Also getting outside to kick the fallen leaves all crunchy and golden under foot, breath in the air and hint of wood smoke from folks fires, coming home to mugs of hot chocolate or home made crumble made from this seasons wind falls.

Over the years I’ve collected some beautiful handmade, organic throws and blankets that I keep close to hand at this time of year to wrap around me when it gets chill.  There’s always one at the end of the bed should it be needed.  I stock pile beeswax candles through the summer to use in Autumn, alongside the scented sustainable ones that I love too.   I have different sets of linen bedding for this time of the year, darker hues are added over the bright white I prefer in the warmer months.

I also love to decorate the house with Autumnal bounty, foraged branches stems of golden bracken or seed heeds from the garden.  Pumpkins bought from our local farm shop grown in the fields close by which all last for weeks and weeks always add to the overall display right up until Christmas.

None of this costs the earth, most of it is time taken to create something rather fabulous from nature.  Trying to invest in pieces that will stand the test of time rather than buying wastefully.  These are a few of my favourite independent places to go to get all the wonderful things I have mentioned above that have integrity and meaning for a well balanced home.

The Future Kept | where I go to stock up on beeswax candles along with other treats.  This is a delicious store full to the brim of beautiful handmade blankets, ceramics, candles and soaps, perfect slow reading material and many many more sustainable products for your home.

Aerende | I support Emily’s store with all my heart, all the ethical products in this wonderful store are good, life improving home wares at their very best.  All made by people in the UK facing social challenges.  If you are going to buy one thing this season I would highly recommend taking a look.

The Wood House |  Another one of my favourite stores who stock muted pared back home wares, I recently treated myself to some handmade coffee beakers made by Ali Herbert that will be treasured for many years.  I also get quite a lot of my favourite magazine publications from here too. I love to keep a stock to read at this time of year, curled up by the fire.

Of course I can’t forget my favourite makers of scented candles Nomad Society and Essence + Alchemy both equally fabulous, the intoxicating scents that both these brands produce are heavenly and create wonderful candles that work especially well at this time of the year, all ethically sourced and ecologically friendly, no nasty chemicals.

I am now counting down the days until the holidays and our Autumn escape to the the Lake District to feast on the splendour of this magical season finding natures inspiration at every turn.

I hope you enjoy Autumn as much as I do but I am curious do you get your house ready like I do when the seasons change?


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Well the season is well and truly in full swing and I’m embracing it with open arms, hello Autumn I rather like you.  I am always a little apprehensive betwixt the end of Summer and the glorious few months that follow.  I am ready now to let go of that limbo, the reluctance to let go of the warm sun and sandal wearing days, and whole heartedly grasp the magical moments that Autumn brings.

I like it when the temperature drops so that I can start layering my wardrobe, chunky knits over skinny jeans, woolly socks in boots, snuggle into well wrapped scarves.  I even change my handbag from wicker basket to my Nara bucket bag with it’s beautiful soft buttery leather.

Dark mornings snuggled under the duvet for 5 more minutes than usual, bowls of warming porridge by candle light before the day gets started.  Then at the end of the day curling up under blankets with warming cups and indulgent books.  If I had a log burner it would be lit, crackling warmth infusing the room, one day I will have one!

Bracing walks kicking the jewel coloured fallen leaves, comfort food made with locally sourced delicious seasonal produce. Displaying a myraid of pumpkins and gourds in all their varying colours shapes and sizes.

To truly feeling those moments of hygge to wrap it around you to savour those precious memories created whilst doing all the wonderful Autumn things that you do.  To get a sense of what this means I would highly recommend this profound little book written by Louisa Thomsen Brits called the book of hygge (the Danish art of living well) a perfect read whilst snuggled up in your favourite armchair.

So yes once again Autumn I rather do like you…..


Image source  2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 & 11 the rest are my own





Styling the Seasons ~ October

October has had a bit of an identity crisis in my house.  The week I planned to take my styling the season images coincided with Christmas and a break to somewhere where the sun shines all the time. So I decided to combine all three things into my post.

The beautiful green gourd is to represent the real season of Autumn, the suitcase for my trip abroad, foliage and decorations represent a natural Christmas for a shoot that took place in my home this week.  

It was rather strange taking down Autumn displays to replace them with an abundance of wintery foliage and seasonal makes for a photo shoot.  My living room slowly turned into a beautiful grotto.  One of my favourite decorations that I used where the stunning origami stars by Origami Est I can’t wait to get them back out in a few weeks time when Christmas really happens.  Then in a flash I was dismantling it all again and putting the mini pumpkins back.

Onto the suitcase, yes I’m on my travels again at the weekend, flying out to Dubai for a family birthday, yes I know totally craziness, a place I never ever thought I would visit but one couldn’t say no.  An experience to add to those little life adventures that we weave.

So this wonderfully busy week in an super busy October got a little mashed together and definitely kept me on my toes.   Coffee has kept me going and it tastes even better in my mountain ceramic mug from The Future Kept a little treat to myself for no reason what so ever other than I’ve hankered after one for an age.

Right off to pack my suitcase (am I the only one who really doesn’t enjoy this part?)




Styling The Seasons ~ January

IMG_20150101_144609It’s January a month that seems to be portrayed with a bleak overview but I suppose it’s how you perceive it to be yourself.  If you look closely enough the light is rather stunning, soft and clear, the colour of the skies with it’s beautiful and muted tones.  This post rolls on from my post last week about colour and how you reflect this in your home from month to month.


My family and I went to blow the cobwebs away on New Years Day in the sand dunes not too far from my home, it was a wonderful few hours spent in the open air clearing ones head.  I took a few snaps as the light was compelling.  These tones of nature were the starting point for my decision to take part in Styling the Seasons via Apartment Apothecary and Lotts and Lots.


So I got out my camera and restyled a surface in my home with things I have about that are poignant to me at this moment in time.  I always change things around, no surface stays the same from week to week but you don’t really notice yourself doing it, so this little project will record this process and hopefully bring me great joy.






I love flax linen the slubby colour and texture makes for a lovely runner so that’s where I started.  The crate is one of many I use as storage but they make wonderful shelves and focal points for styling objects.  I always have candles dotted around at this time of year as they give off such a subtle glow on an evening.  The dried eucalyptus and pine branches are left overs, salvaged from Christmas displays but highlight the colours of January perfectly.  The wooden artists hand was a gift to Ruby, she loves drawing and wants to perfect hands so hey presto that’s her project for the months to come.   The shiny silver clutch bag from The Future Kept is a sign of looking forward, a treat to myself to use when travelling about to keep all my bits and bobs together.  Then the books, my reference points I find they help me focus on what I want to do and be, the answers that come back are always the same my passion for interiors and style never wanes, so I shall keep working towards those goals.  The bangles, well I’m never without chunky pieces I can’t help myself, I’m a girl who loves over sized accessories.

I have found this step a rather cathartic one and has given me a new purpose, so if you want to take part style up a surface each month take some photos either blog about it or share on social media using the hashtag #stylingtheseasons and tag @AptApothecary and @lottsandlots/@tweetinglotts.



To Embrace Autumn

Instagram Happiness

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Well I think I can finally say for me Autumn is well and truly here.  I have been trying to avoid it as long as possible, I wanted the summer to carry on and on this year; nope, I haven’t been quite ready for all things Autumnal.

To Embrace Autumn-001

Now that I have opened my arms to embrace the changing season I’m surrounding myself with beautiful inspirational images full of texture and warmth, pops of orange and russet.  Wood comes into play too in all it’s forms.

To Embrace Autumn

To Embrace Autumn-006

Do you bring out more cushions and blankets?  I know I do, warmer wools strewn over sofas and chairs and a few more in baskets just in case.  I also move things around to create new displays bringing nature indoors.

To Embrace Autumn-004

To Embrace Autumn-002

Spending time on lovely long weekends in the kitchen when it’s squally outside, making pies and puddings using seasonal products is a true pleasure. It is also a wonderful time to stop for a while curl up on the sofa with a book and dream, this is the season I plan out new alterations to my own home by immersing myself in my many interior books and magazines.

To Embrace Autumn-003

To Embrace Autumn-005

All other images ~ Here

So as the school holidays and the spooky goings on of Halloween fast approach take a moment to indulge ones senses to the joy of Autumn.

(a few items for the season, best place for snugly bedding and sleepwear is Toast, blankets The Atlantic Blanket Company and The Vintage Blanket Co, induglent skin care The Future Kept)


Instagram Happiness

Instagram Happiness-008

I’m quite a novice when it comes to instagram I’ve only been ‘gramming’ for a year so to speak but I find it such a happy place to spend a few minutes of every day.   You see things differently, you take the time to stop and look knowing what would make a lovely image.  To be able to share snippets of your every day life in such a way I find uplifting compared to all the other forms of social media we are all involved in.

Instagram Happiness-007

Instagram Happiness-003

Instagram Happiness-006

Instagram is just that little more intimate, everyone seems happy and it shines through in the stunning images and inspirational folk out there.

Instagram Happiness-002

Instagram Happiness-001

Instagram Happiness-004

Here are a small selection of those I find truly wonderful ~ Sibella Court, Petite Violette, Emily Quinton, The Future Kept, Lapin Blu, La Clariere, Mademoiselle Poirot, Etcetera Vintage, Empire Vintage, The Hunter Eclectic, to name but a few the list is endless!

Instagram Happiness-005

Instagram Happiness

All images my own

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