Winter Luxuries with Plum & Ashby

Winter is definitely knocking on the door isn’t it, can you quite believe its nearly the end of November, time to slow things down a little before the heady days of festive fun are upon us.  I like nothing better when the nights draw in to make my home cosy and warm after a busy day rushing around there is nothing nicer than giving myself time to soak in a bath and light a scented candle or two to clear my head and unwind properly before climbing into bed.

Plum & Ashby create the most beautifully designed, high quality products for your home with an aesthetic that is clean, simple, elegant and considered.  Their entire collection is designed in house where everyone contributes to the ideas and designs, most of their collection is made in England, a fact of which the are very proud.

I don’t think I could be without candles at this time of year, they bring happiness and well being to my home along with that soft glow that makes me relax completely.  I’m certainly keeping the Orange and Clove candle in its beautiful dark brown glass vessel for the Christmas holidays, with it’s rich divine scent evoking the spirit of this time of year.  It will take pride of place on my mantle piece to fill my living room with its intoxicating smell of warmed spiced cloves, bright citrus and juicy berry aromas, softened with musky notes of cinnamon bark  Well that’s the idea anyway I may have to give it few tries before as I don’t think I’ll be able to help myself.

Their votive collections make the perfect gift or stocking filler but I find them perfect for the bathroom, they fit perfectly on the side of my bath.  I don’t like strong bright lights in the bathroom, I like to soak away the day with the golden flickering light that truly soothes and relaxes.  With scents of Wild Fig & Saffron or Lime & Ginger they make the perfect bathing accompaniment.

Talking of bathing, Plum & Ashby create one of the best bath & body ranges you can find on the market.  All the products are made in England to a very high standard boasting beautiful, unique scent combinations.  They come highly recommended as I’ve been an avid fan and user for a few years.   They would make the perfect addition for guests staying over the festive period, or simply to make your bathroom extra special, why not use it every day for that indulgent treat.  I always have a wash lotion in the bathroom so that my skin is left nourished and cleansed.   I simply adore the Wild Fig & Saffron scent, with it’s masculine tones on a woodland note, ripe wild figs and crimson saffron its simply delicious.  All made with natural essential oils perfect to rejuvenate and moisturising which is definitely needed at this time of the year.

If I can’t tempt you with these then I don’t think I can tempt you with anything, they truly are the most luxurious loveliest products and everyone of you should have some Plum & Ashby in your home this festive season.


  • Plum & Ashby kindly gifted these items for the purpose of this post




Autumn I Think I Love You

Its time to get the house ready for Autumn, make those little changes to bring this season into full flow.   I always think I’m going to struggle with the transition but I never do, I secretly love the misty dew filled mornings and the russet red sunsets that you simply don’t get at any other time of the year.  One thing I’m not so keen on is the darker mornings I do struggle to get out of my cosy cocoon when its still pitch black outside.

The upside to Autumn is its bounty and the ability to cuddle up under blankets, light candles whilst soaking in the bath, wear soft bed socks or slippers, prepare warming stews and soups,the list is endless.   Also getting outside to kick the fallen leaves all crunchy and golden under foot, breath in the air and hint of wood smoke from folks fires, coming home to mugs of hot chocolate or home made crumble made from this seasons wind falls.

Over the years I’ve collected some beautiful handmade, organic throws and blankets that I keep close to hand at this time of year to wrap around me when it gets chill.  There’s always one at the end of the bed should it be needed.  I stock pile beeswax candles through the summer to use in Autumn, alongside the scented sustainable ones that I love too.   I have different sets of linen bedding for this time of the year, darker hues are added over the bright white I prefer in the warmer months.

I also love to decorate the house with Autumnal bounty, foraged branches stems of golden bracken or seed heeds from the garden.  Pumpkins bought from our local farm shop grown in the fields close by which all last for weeks and weeks always add to the overall display right up until Christmas.

None of this costs the earth, most of it is time taken to create something rather fabulous from nature.  Trying to invest in pieces that will stand the test of time rather than buying wastefully.  These are a few of my favourite independent places to go to get all the wonderful things I have mentioned above that have integrity and meaning for a well balanced home.

The Future Kept | where I go to stock up on beeswax candles along with other treats.  This is a delicious store full to the brim of beautiful handmade blankets, ceramics, candles and soaps, perfect slow reading material and many many more sustainable products for your home.

Aerende | I support Emily’s store with all my heart, all the ethical products in this wonderful store are good, life improving home wares at their very best.  All made by people in the UK facing social challenges.  If you are going to buy one thing this season I would highly recommend taking a look.

The Wood House |  Another one of my favourite stores who stock muted pared back home wares, I recently treated myself to some handmade coffee beakers made by Ali Herbert that will be treasured for many years.  I also get quite a lot of my favourite magazine publications from here too. I love to keep a stock to read at this time of year, curled up by the fire.

Of course I can’t forget my favourite makers of scented candles Nomad Society and Essence + Alchemy both equally fabulous, the intoxicating scents that both these brands produce are heavenly and create wonderful candles that work especially well at this time of the year, all ethically sourced and ecologically friendly, no nasty chemicals.

I am now counting down the days until the holidays and our Autumn escape to the the Lake District to feast on the splendour of this magical season finding natures inspiration at every turn.

I hope you enjoy Autumn as much as I do but I am curious do you get your house ready like I do when the seasons change?


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