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    Holiday Palette

    It’s that time of year again, everything slows down, lazy summer days that seem to go on forever.  I am off on my travels for a couple of weeks, time away in our caravan in France, precious family time, beautiful…

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    A Few Days Away

    Autumn holidays to be truthful I think are my favourite.  I’ve been counting down the days looking forward to our break in the Lakes.  At this time of year they are breathtakingly beautiful, as are the colours that nature brings…

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    Holiday Mood // Nude Palette

    As I mentioned last week I am fully enjoying my holiday break.  Last week I featured sun bleached tones, this week I think a little nude pink palette wouldn’t go a miss. All images from my Pinterest boards  

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    Pinterest = Happiness

    Hello my name is Jane and I am a Pinterest addict and quite proud of it too.  It’s my happy place, my staple go-to to glean inspiration, aspiration, current moods and trends.  Somewhere where all my daydreams are placed as…

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    Winter Mood

    The light and mood of the beginning of the year always seems bleak and a bit dark, I find myself struggling with it, always have.  I’ve found it rather hard to get going this week, an empty diary a birthday…