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    A Different Kind of January

    January can be a bleak month at the best of times after all the glitter of Christmas.  This year the bleakness outside is also hampered with the current pandemic and other factors that are weighing a little heavy on all…

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    Holidays Are Here

    I love creating mood boards as you well know, each one reflects how I am feeling, what inspires me, what season it is.  They bring a moment of calm to my day, these all represent that Summer breeze, those golden…

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    Precious Days

    As family days out become even more precious we decided to test the waters and have a wander around a favourite National Trust garden and outside space.  I reasoned that I trust this organisation to say what they mean and…

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    Rooms Outside

    Above is a little corner of my garden.  I adore salvaged finds, reclaimed bits and bobs, galvanised goodness, terracotta pots, old wood, you name it I’ve probably got it.  The only problem with our garden, although we love it and…

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    Mindful Moodboards

    I’ve always enjoyed creating mood boards, even before technology came to the fore and of course Pinterest.  I would spend hours going through old magazines and cutting out favourite images to make collages, I found it very therapeutic, creating these…

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    A Few Days Away

    A few days away to recharge the batteries, leaving technology behind and taking in my surroundings.  Its definitely needed after a busy few months. See you on the other side. Images here

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    When the Week Goes Awry

    Some weeks just have you beat, this being one of them.  All my grand plans for my post this week have gone out of the window.  The week started with me having a huge social conscience dilemma and has ended…

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    Away Days

    I work pretty hard most of the time, making sure everything goes to plan, be it with my work or home life.  So when it comes to taking a few days away I truly enjoy the peace and quiet, no…

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    Sometimes I feel a little lost, this is when I try very hard to not feel guilty for stopping for a while.  Putting the phone down and turning it off, not going near the laptop and to tell myself it…