Sometimes I feel a little lost, this is when I try very hard to not feel guilty for stopping for a while.  Putting the phone down and turning it off, not going near the laptop and to tell myself it doesn’t matter that I’ve stepped away from the technology for a moment.   I get a bit frustrated with myself that I can’t muster good ideas or create good images for instagram but I also get a bit scared that what if it never comes back; what if I’ve peaked.

I do try very hard to be mindful, working through some of the knots I’ve got my head into, I spend a lot of time reading indulging in my favourite magazines and interior books hoping that a spark will appear.   Taking time away from the screens is good but I do let myself browse through Pinterest, a happy place where colour and images bring moments of joy.  Putting together mood boards that reflect what I’m seeing and feeling helps too.

So today this post features some of these boards; calming images in colour palettes that I find inspiring at the moment helping me to work through my anxieties a little and hopefully a little spark will be reignited once more.

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This past week I was kindly invited by the ever so generous Yawn to take over their instagram feed.  It’s been a fun week balancing my own and their accounts and everything else in between.

I thought I’d share with you some of the images I took for their feed.

Everything about the Yawn ethos is focused on relaxation, their nightwear is especially cut to fit perfectly, no tight uncomfortable bits just soft luxury fabrics.  All the quirky fun designs are hand drawn in their London studio. I particularly like the hidden messages on the inside cuffs of the nightshirt and pj’s, these little touches are exactly what makes Yawn stand out from the rest.

I am also quite partial to a bed sock or two, not necessarily to sleep in but in the colder months I do enjoy  a leisurely soak in the tub, wrapping myself up in pyjamas and cosy sleep socks to then curl up on the sofa with a good book.  I can honestly say the Yawn socks are the softest I have ever owned and quite frankly I didn’t want to take them off!

Along with their perfect packaging I would highly recommend that you all own some of their sleepwear.  Even the Financial Times says so!


  • With thanks to Yawn for the generously gifted nightwear



I’m still in holiday mode which is going far too quickly for my liking.  Days are being filled and routines gone to the wayside which is a good thing but really messes with my orderliness.  Something I have to learn to deal with, whether or not that ever happens is another story.

So slightly out of sync, lacking spontaneity and vigour (having a dastardly cold  doesn’t help) I thought I’d highlight some of my favourite stills I’ve taken over the last few months. A reflection of sorts on the now so when I look back I may still love them or I’ll have moved on, learning and changing as I go.

Also note to self, must get better at taking and liking images of myself….



Best Laid Plans

Best Laid Plans

Images Here

This week’s post was supposed to be a follow on from last week’s architectural inspired article. One that would focus more on our self build dream and the elements that we want to incorporate into it, those that are totally different to the home in which we now live.  Alas I’m not super woman and time has rather got the better of me this week.  No I’m not going to moan about why as it is has been a positive uplifting week but my little post that I wanted to spend a few more moments to ponder on and make perfect will have to wait another week.










My Instagram

Instead I have filled my week with a lifesaving swimming competition, many trips to the pool with my daughter who was a competitor and I myself as I swim for my own well being.  Squeezed in a two day photo shoot for a local magazine that is having a make over. It  has been a privilege to be involved in such a project and then the rest of course has been lavished on family life, juggling as we all do.

Snippets of a week that was, have a lovely weekend.




Instagram Happiness

Instagram Happiness-008

I’m quite a novice when it comes to instagram I’ve only been ‘gramming’ for a year so to speak but I find it such a happy place to spend a few minutes of every day.   You see things differently, you take the time to stop and look knowing what would make a lovely image.  To be able to share snippets of your every day life in such a way I find uplifting compared to all the other forms of social media we are all involved in.

Instagram Happiness-007

Instagram Happiness-003

Instagram Happiness-006

Instagram is just that little more intimate, everyone seems happy and it shines through in the stunning images and inspirational folk out there.

Instagram Happiness-002

Instagram Happiness-001

Instagram Happiness-004

Here are a small selection of those I find truly wonderful ~ Sibella Court, Petite Violette, Emily Quinton, The Future Kept, Lapin Blu, La Clariere, Mademoiselle Poirot, Etcetera Vintage, Empire Vintage, The Hunter Eclectic, to name but a few the list is endless!

Instagram Happiness-005

Instagram Happiness

All images my own

I’d love it if you popped by and said hello, you can find me here.






Influenced by Grey


It’s a grey old day outside but I don’t mind a jot, I quite like the misty mornings and the subdued light.  Grey in all it’s guises is really making me happy at the moment I can’t quite get enough.  I went out last weekend at the crack of dawn to go buying and on my return I amassed my finds on the kitchen table and all of them unintentionally where different hues of grey.

Influenced by Grey-001

Above images ~ Instagram

I don’t find it a harsh colour, it works so well in  many environments.  So many natural elements are a form of grey, from concrete to zinc, the textures rough to shiny smooth.

Influenced by Grey

Influenced by Grey-004

Influenced by Grey-002

Crochet blankets or block coloured wool, grey plastered walls, stylishly pared back interiors I find utterly spellbinding.

Influenced by Grey-008

Influenced by Grey-007

Influenced by Grey-009

So I shall let these images do the talking this time, pure and simple.

Influenced by Grey-003

Influenced by Grey-005

Influenced by Grey-006

 Images ~ Pinterest


Holidays Are Here


The time has come to down tools as I mentioned here a few weeks ago.   My feet are well and truly ready to be put up for a week, my grey cells need to be recharged ready to bring you bigger and better posts full of interior inspiration a plenty on my return.

Halcyon Days-003

Agatha is packed and raring to go, my bag is full of interior books and magazines so I can indulge to my hearts content without any interruptions.  Days out are planned to beautiful places and trinkets and treasure will no doubt be sourced as I just can’t help myself.



Happy Summer Days