Holiday Mood //Green to Blue

Normal services will resume next week I promise, hopefully I will be refreshed and rejuvenated and raring to go.  Who knows what work I will be taking on come September but for now I will leave you with my final holiday mood post.  This week I felt a fresher note would appeal, that of fresh green merging into a soft linen-like blue.

* All images taken from my Pinterest boards



W is for Wreath


I had the pleasure of driving through the stunning scenery of the North Yorkshire moors this week to pay a visit to the ever so talented duo Kirsty and Katy of Darling and Green.  The girls have their floristy workshop and cutting garden nestled up in the rolling heather clad hills.  I went to collect my wreaths that they kindly arranged for me and I wasn’t disappointed.  They are magnificently different, adorned with cedar branches, cones and dried fennel heads like mini woodland glades, I adore them.



I couldn’t imagine not having a wreath on my door, it just finishes the look perfectly and welcomes visitors with a smile.



Why do we use wreaths for the festive season?   Not only are they used as a welcoming adornment or as part of an advent wreath encircled with five candles, each one lit in the four weeks running up to Christmas and the last on Christmas Eve; they are also a symbol which originates from ancient Roman beliefs and Druid practices that have now been embraced as part of Christian tradition.  In Ancient Rome they were used to show victory.  Wreaths are a never ending circle symbolising eternal life, holly wreaths were a sign of good luck for the Druids.  The beautiful lush green foliage  and bright coloured berries also represented a promise of spring in the depths of a bleak winter.




Images ~ here

I do hope your wreaths; no matter what shape or size; foliaged to the hilt, or fancy with baubles and feathers; welcome you home with cheer in the up and coming weeks of the festive season.


Selling my Wares


I love buying things it’s all far too addictive so Owen and Hunter will be selling their wares at the For the Love of Yarm fair this coming Sunday at the Fellowship Hall 11am ~ 4pm.

We have some lovely bits and bobs to tempt you this time, here’s a teaser of some of the delights I shall be bringing with me ….









It’s going to be a good day


A Weekend in Pictures and a Wedding Anniversary Made of Tin

Last weekend the sun shone and I packed up the car with Owen and Hunter wares and sold them with my ever so wonderful partner in crime Vicky Trainor.   We had a lovely day of fun and laughter surrounded by lovely things at the For the Love of Yarm event.  We are now plotting and planning the next day out.

OH Tumblr-011

OH Tumblr-013


OH Tumblr-014

OH Tumblr-012


This weekend is a special one as I shall be celebrating my 10th Wedding Anniversary to the best man on the planet.


Us Two

Where these 10 years have gone I have no idea but I am truly blessed, here’s to another 10.

Jane x

Farrow & Ball Colourtastic

Real excitement ensued when I realised that Farrow and Ball have released 9 new colours for 2013.  I shall let the colours do the talking.

Nancy’s Blushes No.278

Ammonite No.274

Stiffkey Blue No.281

Mole’s Breath No.276

Dimpse No.277

Wevet No.273

St Giles Blue No.280

Purbeck Stone No.275

Yellowcake No.279

All images here

A new colour card has been ordered I have a few things that need sprucing up in my house including a pine dresser that needs a makeover.  Stiffkey Blue is winning at the moment with maybe a contrasting colour for the back panelling say Eating Room Red or Brassica, choices, choices!

Jane x

To Sit

Are you a three piece suite kind of person or do you prefer to mix and match?   I fall into the latter category, my living room is rather compact but I seem to have filled it with an array of chairs, a sofa and squeezed in a rather fabulous foot stool upholstered in air force blue ticking too.
To Sit-002
Choosing such items can be quite mind boggling when faced with the decision of what style sofa, leather or fabric, what kind of fabric, do those legs go with other pieces in the room and so on and so forth!   I’ve always wanted a squishy leather chair that will last a life time and age with us through the years so that was what I based the rest of my decisions on.   I adore my leather chair and it is starting to show those signs of wear that I wanted to achieve after 10 years.  The cushions and throws change on a regular basis, more often than not with the seasons.
Leather chair
A good way to go is to invest in a beautifully made armchair in a completely different fabric and style to the sofa, the theory being that you don’t have to change it but after a while could reupholster it when ever the time comes.  My sofa may get replaced one day as my tastes change, I really fancy a ravishing blue velvet one in a classic style with low arms and deep seats,  the blue spectrum seems to be pushing my buttons at the moment.
To Sit-001
A great place to start if you are setting up home is at John Lewis, the have everything you could possibly want all under one roof with an exceedingly good design services and customer service.
John Lewis

A selection from John Lewis

To Sit-003

Images here

The world really is your oyster when it comes to deciding on styles and looks have fun choosing, whether it be florals, grain sacks, ticking, leather, damask or velvet from Chesterfields, Gustavian to Ercol. Big cushions, bolsters, welsh blankets, cashmere throws to vintage quilts the choice is completely yours.

Jane x

To be Outside

As soon as the summer holidays begin, the sun is at it’s warmest and even with the odd rain shower I like to be outside as much as I possibly can.  I must admit my little plot is rather bijou but I cram it full of all the things I like and the chickens don’t complain either.   We have vintage furniture to lounge on and sometimes Ruby’s tent makes an outing, it just about fits.  Every window and door is flung open to bring more of the outside in including bugs and beasties!!

I dream of more space, somewhere a little warmer than the North East maybe, somewhere where an outside shower could be installed, a field for a wild flower meadow to host outside dinner parties.  Maybe a veranda to be able enjoy the elements at any time of the year.

To be Outside

To be Outside-001

I have a love affair with camping, packing the car up to the gunnels and ptiching the tent somewhere grand, life doesn’t get much better than that.   How marvellous it would be to have the space to camp out in your own garden, to construct your own abode from blankets and eiderdowns under the trees to sleep under the stars.

To be Outside-002

To be Outside-003

All Images from here

Embrace the outdoors while the sun shines, have a super weekend.

Jane x

To Curtain or not to Curtain, that is the question? …

Over time from moving into our humble abode, the window treatments came along one by one when we had saved enough pennies to purchase them.  I have a myriad of styles from full on damask curtains hung from beautiful wooden poles to a few Roman blinds, ticking stripes seem to win out in the pattern stakes.   One end of the kitchen has a humble Venetian blind (really would like to change this!) and in the bathroom hangs a very fine crisp white muslin sheet to spare our blushes.

After 10 years your styles change, you find out what you really like and what you would love to change.  These are a few of my curtain inspirations from sweet faded florals, to pelmets and vintage linens I love them all ….

To Curtain or Not to Curtain-002

All Images Above ~ Kate Forman Design

Linens & Lace

Curtain Love Images Above ~ Pinterest 

I love my home and would find it hard to leave, even though I do dream of being out in the country (no neighbours other than sheep!)   So in  my head I have plans of the architectural kind, an oak framed extension onto the back of the house increasing our downstairs space.   We are a very sociable unit we three and love being in the same space together.  To have another room opening out the kitchen and living room would be ideal.  Light being a premium I would maximise this to the hilt with VELUX® roof windows, the choice of blinds from the VELUX Shop to complement their roof windows is extensive, personally I quite like their pleated blinds.   To be able to have fun redressing every window would be sublime.

Another clever way of curtaining a  roof window especially in a bedroom is like this from Vanessa Artbuthnott

Sometimes just daring to bare works equally well.   We spent an idyllic holiday here a few years ago, a beautiful 19th Century restored barn near Hay on Wye.  The simple en suite bathroom was situated up in the eaves and whilst relaxing in the fabulously large bath you could watch the clouds/stars through the roof light, pure bliss!

The Peren

Images from ~ The Peren

Do let me know what your current curtain/window persuasion is, I do love everyone’s differing tastes ….

Jane x

*This post is sponsored by VELUX*

The Sunshine Came ….

… and I decided to skive, play hooky, commit truancy!

Amongst the daily tasks I set myself I put aside time to write and construct my blog, some weeks this is easy, sometimes other events take over and time changes.

A long weekend, and an extra Ruby day approached, then the sunshine came to enjoy the fun and I stopped, went outside and indulged in precious time with my family, read books, drank wine and didn’t regret a single second.

Image ~ Pinterest

Sometimes you just have to be ….

Wise words from Stornoway ~ Have a listen you’ll like it ….

Enjoy the weekend, stop for a moment, leave the laptop and soak it all in ….

Jane x

Farrow & Ball

I have a book that I went back to over the Easter holidays.  It’s sumptuous, rich and full to the brim with wonderful images all regarding Farrow & Ball and the passion it brings to those who use it in their homes.  From city chic apartments to country houses and cottages it shows you the depth, character and charm that colour can create in very individual homes.

Their colours are so unique every wall in my house is covered with their paint, from pea green to blackened and few more in between.

Farrow & Ball


All White

All White

In Neutral

In Neutral

Softly Softly

Softly Softly

Bright & Beautiful

Bright & Beautiful

Dark & Handsome

Dark & Handsome

All images taken from Farrow & Ball ~ Living with Colour ~ Ros Byam Shaw

Are you a Farrow & Ball aficionado too?

Jane x

Book Launches & Easter Treats

We went, we unpacked, we saw, we nattered, we giggled, we had a super day at Selina Lakes Pretty Pastel book launch, we packed away and then had to drive home through sleet and snow!

Pretty Pastels

Find the book here

The Linen Garden

The Linen Garden

The Linen Garden

Sesame and Lilly

Sesame and Lily

Love Lane Vintage

Love Lane Vintage

All in all the weekend passed in a fuzzy blur of lovely, many new friendships forged and gorgeous things admired.  I treated myself to a few bits and bobs and arrived home full of inspiration and joy.


Flower Corsage & Lavender Heart ~ Bird Brooch


…. and around the corner Easter crept up quietly on me, thank goodness for mini eggs!

Happy Easter

Jane x

Owen and Hunter

As you all well know I am a bit of a tumblr addict alongside trusty pinterest, I soak in the images and delight in all the wonder that I come across.  Like a sponge I absorb every detail and put them to good use within my work, my knowledge and style is growing on a daily basis.

Owen and Hunter

I happened upon this lovely brand spanking new tumblr and what a lovely one it is too.  Owen and Hunter or OH to those in the know is a new venture, slowly slowly starting to put the pieces together.

Owen and Hunter

First with imagery, some theirs some others, then to dabbling their creative toes in fabulous fairs across the land selling their beloved collection that has been gathered together from here and there.

Owen and Hunter

Owen and Hunter

A quote to give you a taste of what the intriguing pair are all about …

“OH is a coming together of two like minded souls with a thrifty nature and a magpie’s eye. Together on their wanderings gather pieces from days gone by. Spinning a tale and creating beautiful items to give as gifts or to fill your home with charm.”

Owen and Hunter

Go and take a look and let me know what you think, as I find it all rather beautiful …

Jane x

Fields of Clover ….

My life as Tea with Ruby takes different turns, as one door closes another one opens, it seems to be so organic and a good place to be.

I have recently been asked by a local florist  to help with the redesign of her shop, small steps are being taken at the moment but hopefully with a little vision I will make it the shop to go to for miles around.

The shop has lost its way of late but I am working on getting the passion back, rejuvenating the love of flowers and streamlining the products so that everything revolves around the blooms, from the overall display down to the vessels to place them in and everything in between.

Images play a  big part in my work, these boards are a small early glance at where my ideas are going ….

Clover Clover Clover

With a little help from :  Madamoiselle Poirot, Lotte & Bloom, Martin & The Magpie and my trusty friend Pinterest.

Happy weekend everyone, go and treat yourself to a bundle of flowers from a local florist and enjoy!

Jane x

Softly & Slowly

Softly and slowly I saunter from December into January.   I’m not a gung-ho type of person when it comes to facing the New Year, I don’t do resolutions I try my very hardest to inch out every last bit of Christmas before the month of January sinks in.

I believe in 12th night so my tree is still gracing my sitting room, still resplendent too!  I must enjoy every last minute today as alas it will be vacating the building tomorrow.   I will clean and straighten and get my thoughts in order to start a fresh on Monday.  No big plans just a time to be calm and reflect and be happy for the coming months ahead.

These are a few of the things that brought warmth over the holiday weeks …




Obviously this isn’t me but I got this gown!!





Essentially Irish

Happy New Year dear readers

Jane x