Sometimes I feel a little lost, this is when I try very hard to not feel guilty for stopping for a while.  Putting the phone down and turning it off, not going near the laptop and to tell myself it doesn’t matter that I’ve stepped away from the technology for a moment.   I get a bit frustrated with myself that I can’t muster good ideas or create good images for instagram but I also get a bit scared that what if it never comes back; what if I’ve peaked.

I do try very hard to be mindful, working through some of the knots I’ve got my head into, I spend a lot of time reading indulging in my favourite magazines and interior books hoping that a spark will appear.   Taking time away from the screens is good but I do let myself browse through Pinterest, a happy place where colour and images bring moments of joy.  Putting together mood boards that reflect what I’m seeing and feeling helps too.

So today this post features some of these boards; calming images in colour palettes that I find inspiring at the moment helping me to work through my anxieties a little and hopefully a little spark will be reignited once more.

  •  All images from here


I’m still in holiday mode which is going far too quickly for my liking.  Days are being filled and routines gone to the wayside which is a good thing but really messes with my orderliness.  Something I have to learn to deal with, whether or not that ever happens is another story.

So slightly out of sync, lacking spontaneity and vigour (having a dastardly cold  doesn’t help) I thought I’d highlight some of my favourite stills I’ve taken over the last few months. A reflection of sorts on the now so when I look back I may still love them or I’ll have moved on, learning and changing as I go.

Also note to self, must get better at taking and liking images of myself….



Totally Toast


One of my favourite favourite stores is TOAST.  I save my pennies to have a few key pieces of their simply designed garments for my wardrobe that I wear on a daily basis.   I receive their well curated mini catalogues and normally gasp at the stunning photography and covet every item on each page.

Totally Toast-006

Totally Toast

At this time of the year the winter products start filtering through and my Christmas lists gets bigger and bigger, yes I need more felt slippers and blankets, another dressing gown oh and Aran knit house socks, who doesn’t?

Totally Toast-002

Totally Toast-007

Totally Toast-001

I shall let the beautiful pared back images do the talking and watch your Christmas lists grow too!

Totally Toast-005

Totally Toast-003Totally Toast-004



Instagram Happiness

Instagram Happiness-008

I’m quite a novice when it comes to instagram I’ve only been ‘gramming’ for a year so to speak but I find it such a happy place to spend a few minutes of every day.   You see things differently, you take the time to stop and look knowing what would make a lovely image.  To be able to share snippets of your every day life in such a way I find uplifting compared to all the other forms of social media we are all involved in.

Instagram Happiness-007

Instagram Happiness-003

Instagram Happiness-006

Instagram is just that little more intimate, everyone seems happy and it shines through in the stunning images and inspirational folk out there.

Instagram Happiness-002

Instagram Happiness-001

Instagram Happiness-004

Here are a small selection of those I find truly wonderful ~ Sibella Court, Petite Violette, Emily Quinton, The Future Kept, Lapin Blu, La Clariere, Mademoiselle Poirot, Etcetera Vintage, Empire Vintage, The Hunter Eclectic, to name but a few the list is endless!

Instagram Happiness-005

Instagram Happiness

All images my own

I’d love it if you popped by and said hello, you can find me here.






A Year in Pictures

I’ve had a fun filled year and I can’t quite believe we are at the end of it already.  I’ve just been scanning back through the blog and gasping thinking things that happened in March were only last week not months ago, time is such a funny thing it plays tricks on you.

So here you go a bit of a montage of happy months, lets hope 2014 will be as good …


My birthday month, quiet reflection and book reviews.



Photo shoots, book and shop reviews, exciting projects.

Becky Mitchell evening29



Girly weekends away, book launches, Twinings and Easter.

Pretty Pastel Style


Twinings Tea


Florals and Farrow & Ball

To Hang



Owen and Hunters first outing, to curtain or not to curtain a post for Velux, Cabbages & Roses and to be beside the seaside

Owen and Hunter

Linens & Lace

To be beside the sea


Suffolk, Summer Fetes and natural elements

Cissy's Cottage

Selina Selina

Natural Elements


Tiles and strawberries

To Tile

Strawberry Crush-001


Camping, last days of summer and John Lewis sofas.

Family Camp 2013-003

Fountains Abbey

To Sit-002


Autumn approaches, exhibiting at fairs, an anniversary made of tin and new Farrow and Ball colours.

Dark Matters



Plum & Ashby, Locations to swoon over, Josephine Ryan to admire and Toast – all my favourites.

Plum & Ashby-002

Josephine Ryan


Dark nights crept in, dinner parties hosted, more fairs to attend, stock to build, stylish slumbers and baubles.

Dining In-001

Selling my Wares-001


Has been filled with Christmas cheer from start to finish



Happy New Year one and all


Farrow & Ball Colourtastic

Real excitement ensued when I realised that Farrow and Ball have released 9 new colours for 2013.  I shall let the colours do the talking.

Nancy’s Blushes No.278

Ammonite No.274

Stiffkey Blue No.281

Mole’s Breath No.276

Dimpse No.277

Wevet No.273

St Giles Blue No.280

Purbeck Stone No.275

Yellowcake No.279

All images here

A new colour card has been ordered I have a few things that need sprucing up in my house including a pine dresser that needs a makeover.  Stiffkey Blue is winning at the moment with maybe a contrasting colour for the back panelling say Eating Room Red or Brassica, choices, choices!

Jane x

To Tile

I have tiles in the places you expect to have them, in the kitchen and bathroom.  The ones in  my bathroom are horrid, white square and functional, I didn’t put them up.  The previous owner didn’t understand the word straight but we live with them none the less, due to their whiteness they disappear.   The kitchen tiles I was responsible for, fired earth lovelies, I got a bit giddy going to one of their shops to choose, the myriad of choice was overwhelming but choose I did and I’m still pleased 8 years later!

To Tile

To Tile

As you have probably gathered I like tiles, the feel of one that has been hand made, the texture, the glaze the pattern design, the process that  is applied to make one.

To Tile

If I were to be designing my bathroom from scratch I may opt for a fabulous Neisha Crosland floor tile her designs are timeless.   Or maybe a plain slate floor with delft tile sink splash backs!   I think  I would find it extremely hard to make that choice.

Neisha Crosland

Images ~ here

To Tile Images

I have a special tile just resting there in my kitchen bought in memory of my mother in law who I miss dearly.  I also use them as coasters or to stand the odd wine bottle on.


Don’t discard the humble tile as a mere functional object, just stop and look and see how beautiful they can be, from plain to shiny, oblong to square, metro to retro, floral to geometric, highly patterned to hand painted, leather to lino.

I just love tiles!

Jane x

Summer Fete

I’m on my travels again this weekend with my partner in crime Vicky Trainor.   Vicky is selling her wares at Selina Lake’s Summer Fete at the Market House Kingston Upon Thames.   We had a fabulous time back in  March at the book launch for Pretty Pastel Style, as you can see here.

This one should be just as good or maybe dare I say it even better, many many more stalls to tantalize your crafty vintagey taste buds, just pastel perfect in every way.

Vicky Trainor Hoop

A favourite image from the book launch in March was this super display from Wild Willow and Love Lane Vintage, oh their stand was something else I can tell you, just look at that bread bin!

Wild Willow Flowers

So if you happen to be passing Kingston Upon Thames this Saturday do pop in to say hello, it would be simply marvellous to see you all.

Jane x

PS   Forgot to mention I will be spending some of the weekend with my friend Sarah~Louise from Lapin Blu, she kindly asked me to feature on her blog this week, the article is here, just in case you want to find out a little bit more about me!

The Sunshine Came ….

… and I decided to skive, play hooky, commit truancy!

Amongst the daily tasks I set myself I put aside time to write and construct my blog, some weeks this is easy, sometimes other events take over and time changes.

A long weekend, and an extra Ruby day approached, then the sunshine came to enjoy the fun and I stopped, went outside and indulged in precious time with my family, read books, drank wine and didn’t regret a single second.

Image ~ Pinterest

Sometimes you just have to be ….

Wise words from Stornoway ~ Have a listen you’ll like it ….

Enjoy the weekend, stop for a moment, leave the laptop and soak it all in ….

Jane x


I didn’t think I was that much of a floral girl  but it crept up on me over the years.  Maybe it has been due to tending my own garden and filling it with my favourite flowers, or not being able to resist all the ditsy flowery dresses for Ruby when she was small, either way I love floral!

I am very chameleon like mind you; I also get giddy at the thought of ticking, pale linens, white walls but there is always a flower of some sort just there in the corner of your eye.

You can wear them ….

To Wear

You can pile them up ….

To Pile

You can cover furniture in them ….

To Cover

Hang them on walls ….

To Hang

Whether it be a simple stem to a full bouquet, the world is your florally oyster ….

Jane x

Farrow & Ball

I have a book that I went back to over the Easter holidays.  It’s sumptuous, rich and full to the brim with wonderful images all regarding Farrow & Ball and the passion it brings to those who use it in their homes.  From city chic apartments to country houses and cottages it shows you the depth, character and charm that colour can create in very individual homes.

Their colours are so unique every wall in my house is covered with their paint, from pea green to blackened and few more in between.

Farrow & Ball


All White

All White

In Neutral

In Neutral

Softly Softly

Softly Softly

Bright & Beautiful

Bright & Beautiful

Dark & Handsome

Dark & Handsome

All images taken from Farrow & Ball ~ Living with Colour ~ Ros Byam Shaw

Are you a Farrow & Ball aficionado too?

Jane x

A Post with Two Images ….

I’m not one for posting about myself and I don’t often like pictures featuring me either but today I am making an exception.

It’s the school holidays so I get to spend time with my Ruby which is a joy as you can see  …

me & my girl

…. and this is me laughing like a drain (which is rather frequent) I got to spend two whole weekends with my friend which was also a joy!


caught on camera by the ever so lovely Sally Crane

Normal services will resume next week …..

Jane x

Owen and Hunter

As you all well know I am a bit of a tumblr addict alongside trusty pinterest, I soak in the images and delight in all the wonder that I come across.  Like a sponge I absorb every detail and put them to good use within my work, my knowledge and style is growing on a daily basis.

Owen and Hunter

I happened upon this lovely brand spanking new tumblr and what a lovely one it is too.  Owen and Hunter or OH to those in the know is a new venture, slowly slowly starting to put the pieces together.

Owen and Hunter

First with imagery, some theirs some others, then to dabbling their creative toes in fabulous fairs across the land selling their beloved collection that has been gathered together from here and there.

Owen and Hunter

Owen and Hunter

A quote to give you a taste of what the intriguing pair are all about …

“OH is a coming together of two like minded souls with a thrifty nature and a magpie’s eye. Together on their wanderings gather pieces from days gone by. Spinning a tale and creating beautiful items to give as gifts or to fill your home with charm.”

Owen and Hunter

Go and take a look and let me know what you think, as I find it all rather beautiful …

Jane x