Christmas Joy

I’m not going to write gift guides or how to decorate your home this festive season.  What I am going to do however is wish you all a very Merry Christmas what ever way you decorate or what ever you buy I’m sure you will have a wonderful time no matter what.

I am looking forward to slowing down, spending precious time with my loved ones and having a thoroughly decadent few days.

Happy Holidays let the festivities begin


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It’s Here

The winter solstice has just passed, time to embrace these darker days, enjoy the quiet moments that they bring and to reflect on the year that has passed. Slow mornings spent curled under the duvet just a little bit longer, coffee in hand.  Preparing treats and planning for the big feast on Christmas Day.  Lingering longer at the table lit by candle light, all these precious simple things fill me with joy.

Now it’s time for me to wish you all a Merry Christmas I hope that your’s will be filled with the simplicity and thoughtfulness that this wondrous season brings.

Perfect Pastel Musings

Friday Musings-085

I’m having a little break of sorts as it’s the Easter holidays and everyone needs a bit of down time right?

Friday Musings-051

I love creating colour inspired mood boards, you really see the seasons in the them as I put together one every Friday, my musings as I like to call them.   Inspirational pieces from flowers, interiors, furniture, fashion all in a similar hue.   Going back through the archive makes me smile and also gives me the belief that I am good at what I do on those days when self doubt decides to hang around.

Friday Musings-060

Friday Musings-046

Friday Musings-049

Friday Musings-043

Friday Musings-090

So I hope you enjoy these pastel inspired collages as much as I did putting them together.


So Big, So Blue, So Beautiful

I think I left a little bit of my heart and soul in Sussex.  I have returned home with many a beautiful memory of our holiday by the sea and my camera roll full to the brim of inspiring images.  My eye seemed to catch my time away with a blue lens.

The sky was azure, the sea sparkled, the shops I visited had subtle touches of the blue interspersed with all my favourite paler hues, off white and slubby linens, natural elements, handmade timeless simplicity that make one’s home one to cherish.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

We swam in the sea, we flew our kite, rode on swans.  Wandered dreamily around the most stunning properties full of history owned by inspiring creative people of the past and present.


I’m missing the sound of the sea,  wandering the old streets of picturesque towns.   Wanderlust is a wonderful thing so I’m counting the days until I can return to the captivating South coast where I left that little bit of my heart and soul.





Styling the Seasons ~ July

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July is a month that seems to get wished away just a little bit as the sweet days of the summer holidays approach.  Today Ruby breaks up from school, time to take the foot off the pedal and slow everything down to a happy lazy go slow mode.

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Our big holiday away in Agatha is approaching too, the south coast is calling.  We are pitching up by the sea, spending hazy days breathing in the salty sea air, wandering on the rolling downs, visiting quaint towns and coveted shops.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

So July means holiday to me and of course I couldn’t forget the lavender, July is when the lavender path at the front of my house bursts into life, the scent as you brush past is intoxicating and the morning chat with all the busy bumble bees is a joy.


Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Once again the holidays are upon us, the big day has been and gone but the festivities continue in our house.   Precious time after the hustle and bustle of the last week to enjoy being still, curled up all warm and toasty with your favourite book and an odd glass or two of something nice and indulgent.

Happy Holidays-001

Image from ~ Tis The Season

So from me to you I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying time with your family and friends preparing for the New Year ahead.

Merry Christmas


To Retreat


A short and sweet post today, no interiors styling ramblings just a few words and pictures of my week as I’ve been on a retreat in our wonderful caravan.

The joy of having a van that can live just outside your back door is when the mood takes you, you can pack up and travel half an hour down the road into the countryside and disappear for a few days surrounded by nature, fresh air and days that seem to go on forever, sheer bliss!


Agatha is truly home from home we were nestled in a dingle dell on the outskirts of a beautiful North Yorkshire village.  Ruby ran wild in the play park wood with new friends made within 5 minutes of arriving, we didn’t see her from dawn until dusk.

Autumn Hols

We went house dreaming on a walk into the village to frequent the pub, came up with plans and schemes of buying a plot of land and creating our ideal home.  We also decided on a few older properties that took our fancy in the village too, we shall keep on dreaming and saving our pennies for that rainy day.



Plenty of reading took place, a few glasses of wine were quaffed and lots and lots of sleep was had.  We didn’t want to leave, we never do.



Back home catching up and enjoying the last few days of the Autumn break from school, snuggling in bed on a morning, cooking homely food, watching silly films and carving pumpkins.  Also putting up my new light from The Olive Tree about which I am most excited, filament bulbs and flex really are my favourite things at the moment.

I hope that you have all had a super week and are raring to go, batteries recharged ready for the coming week.



Holidays Are Here


The time has come to down tools as I mentioned here a few weeks ago.   My feet are well and truly ready to be put up for a week, my grey cells need to be recharged ready to bring you bigger and better posts full of interior inspiration a plenty on my return.

Halcyon Days-003

Agatha is packed and raring to go, my bag is full of interior books and magazines so I can indulge to my hearts content without any interruptions.  Days out are planned to beautiful places and trinkets and treasure will no doubt be sourced as I just can’t help myself.



Happy Summer Days





Halcyon Days


Over the next few weeks I will be flitting in and out on my travels during the school holidays with my family, please keep calling on by as I will endeavour to have something of interest be it an image or full post.

Halcyon Days

Halcyon Days-001

I won’t be going far but a few breaks away in Agatha our caravan are on the cards, what are holidays for but to enjoy relax, unwind and dare I say it leaving technology behind for a moment or two!

Halcyon Days-002

All images ~ Pinterest

Enjoying those halcyon days creating sun filled memories of care free moments.



Holiday Home on Wheels

A very good morning to you all, today I am taking a little break, a blog holiday of sorts I’m far too excited to be writing a big post, apologies all around.


Today is the glorious day that we the  family Day are picking up our brand spanking new caravan, tin tent, holiday home on wheels.   Can you hear my squeals of delight, we three are a tad giddy.

Cool Caravans

So I wish you all a wonderful weekend, if you need me you will find me squirrelling away putting all the goodies I have amassed over the months into their rightful place, plumping cushions as I go.

Normal services will resume prompt and correct next Friday, what are half term holidays for but to have a little fun.

PS    A gentle reminder that you can still enter my give away here, last entries to be in by Sunday afternoon, winner to be announced on Monday 2nd June!



A Year in Pictures

I’ve had a fun filled year and I can’t quite believe we are at the end of it already.  I’ve just been scanning back through the blog and gasping thinking things that happened in March were only last week not months ago, time is such a funny thing it plays tricks on you.

So here you go a bit of a montage of happy months, lets hope 2014 will be as good …


My birthday month, quiet reflection and book reviews.



Photo shoots, book and shop reviews, exciting projects.

Becky Mitchell evening29



Girly weekends away, book launches, Twinings and Easter.

Pretty Pastel Style


Twinings Tea


Florals and Farrow & Ball

To Hang



Owen and Hunters first outing, to curtain or not to curtain a post for Velux, Cabbages & Roses and to be beside the seaside

Owen and Hunter

Linens & Lace

To be beside the sea


Suffolk, Summer Fetes and natural elements

Cissy's Cottage

Selina Selina

Natural Elements


Tiles and strawberries

To Tile

Strawberry Crush-001


Camping, last days of summer and John Lewis sofas.

Family Camp 2013-003

Fountains Abbey

To Sit-002


Autumn approaches, exhibiting at fairs, an anniversary made of tin and new Farrow and Ball colours.

Dark Matters



Plum & Ashby, Locations to swoon over, Josephine Ryan to admire and Toast – all my favourites.

Plum & Ashby-002

Josephine Ryan


Dark nights crept in, dinner parties hosted, more fairs to attend, stock to build, stylish slumbers and baubles.

Dining In-001

Selling my Wares-001


Has been filled with Christmas cheer from start to finish



Happy New Year one and all


Winter Holidays

A truly wonderful time of the year filled with cheer and new dreams for the coming year.   I shall be relaxing and taking in every moment of the holidays, relaxing at home with my family, getting to sit for more than 5 seconds to finally read that book or drink that extra glass of bubbly!

New Year Wishes

I do hope you are all doing exactly the same as I am.    So for my final post of the year I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, sending you love and best wishes for the New Year.



End of Summer or is it?

Sometimes my life as Jane spills over into the blog, I hope you don’t mind that this is another one of those posts but I have been enjoying the last weeks of Ruby’s holidays far too much so work has been put on the back burner for a very good reason.  I adore summer but it always seems to be so fleeting, I have that melancholy hat on today that I want to shake off thank you very much.

I think it’s because I have a little one that summer seems to be pigeon holed into 6 weeks.   We cram in as much as we possibly can and carry on into September too but I don’t want to be reminded that Summer will be coming to a close very soon.   I’m not ready for all the brochures for Autumn clothes and percentages off items if you buy before 1st September.  I try to stop listening to those who have started talking about winter coats, frosty mornings and pumpkins and I don’t even want to think about wearing filled in shoes, horrid!!

Fountains Abbey

So over this last weekend we managed to stay with family who are busy renovating the most wonderful farm house in the Peak District, Derbyshire, hopefully to be ready for paying guests in Easter as a luxury B&B and holiday home.  Summer definitely was still on the agenda, we had the most wonderful time, squeezed in a couple of National Trust properties and gardens, ate wonderful food, drank good wine and relaxed.   I shall keep you updated about their progress as it will be the most perfect get away in the heart of the Peak District you could possibly imagine!

Robin Hood Farm


Images Page-016

On our return and after a good nights sleep we jumped into the car yet again and spent a glorious day at another National Trust favourite, Fountains Abbey, it really is a stunner.

Fountains Abbey

Fountains Abbey

Images taken at Robin Hood Farm B&B, Hardwick Hall, Eyam, Fountains Abbey

So I do hope you understand my current mood today because I’ve just been having far too much fun ….

Strawberry Crush

It’s that time of year maybe a little later than normal, that the heady smell of ripening fruit fills the air.   It causes great excitement in our house when the pick your own sign goes up not too far from where we live.   The first chance we get you will find us picking and filling punnets to our heart’s content to be brought home to be turned into jam, iced lollies or purely eaten naked in all their glory!

Strawberry Crush

I even have many a container crammed full of tiny alpine strawberries in the garden, there is nothing better than popping out first thing on a morning in my nightie to fill a bowl to sprinkle on our cereal.

Strawberry Crush-001

A jar of jam is an essential holiday must have, along with a big pile of magazines!  Waking up in our tent having jam on toast for breakfast in the sunshine.



All images mine & here

We salute you the British summer strawberry, doesn’t get any better than that!

Jane x