Got to Go Green

Green, it’s definitely the time of year to be celebrating this versatile colour, the hedgerows and gardens are bursting with it and boy does it make you feel fresh and alive.

I know you are normally used to me promoting the more monochrome of colour palettes but I do have a soft spot for green as does the interior world too at the moment, the botanical trend doesn’t seem to be on the wane at all.

Whether you go all out with wild wallpapers and clashing junglesque soft furnishings or introduce a softer olive toned paint to refresh a wall, Farrow and Ball and Little Greene are good places to go, or cover your sofa in an emerald green velvet it’s totally up to you.

The answer may not be in decoration at all but bringing the outside in, filling a space with plants of varying shades and sizes.  Creating a little green haven all of your own in pots and containers rather than paints and fabrics.  If you aren’t too successful in keeping these green babies alive then take a look at Rose & Grey faux botanical range, you’d be hard pressed to kill any of these.  There are also some rather good books currently out to help you achieve this look.

I do like a deep green especially when used well for instance in a kitchen, pair it with a hint of warm copper or gold. Be sure you like strong schemes though, you may tire of this quickly, maybe, maybe not.  Rich deep hues bring a sense of grown-upness to a room don’t you think?

Adding a pale green tile to a bright bathroom works equally well, or paint to base of the bath in a vibrant verdigris, which is easily updated without huge expense  when you fancy a change.

Then again it may just come down to a new chair and a plus green cushion or  a fresh linen duvet set to transform your space, I dare say once you start adding these little touches you’ll get hooked and that paint brush won’t be far away from getting in on the action too.

Of course I have dedicated green inspired boards on pinterest, who doesn’t!

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Easter Is ….


My favourite holiday even more than Christmas, I am lucky being able to take my foot off the pedal just a little bit when school holidays come around and this one is a delicious fortnight with bank holidays thrown in for good measure.

Easter is-001Easter is-002Easter is

Above images from my A Hint of Spring Pinterest Board

I also like the delicate pace that Spring brings, it creeps up on you softly but surely and the colours that emerge are beautiful, the soft shoots of greens, yellows, blues and pink are intoxicating.




I like decorating in a subtle way at Easter, I fill vases and jugs with foraged twigs and branches of blossom.  We have amassed many a decorative egg over the years but this year I’m paring it back just a touch.  I’ve got the minimalist vibe going on, trying to de clutter and reduce stuff but not quite sure I’m winning on that front just yet.


This post (picture above) by Hege in France is just perfect a goal for next year perhaps.


I wish you all a very Happy Easter, I hope that you fill your home with spring blooms and lots of mini eggs, I just can’t resist them.




Green & Pleasant


In honour of St Patrick’s Day this week and an image of a beautiful caravan that caught my eye I dedicate this post to the colour GREEN.


The garden is starting to sprout fresh green shoots all over the place which makes me very happy indeed.   I spent quality time in my little plot this weekend, spring sun shining my chickens keeping me company and helping with the pest control.  I tidied and pruned, swept and moved, planted and made lists of new gems that I want to fill empty spaces.


I can’t wait to serve fresh spring time dishes on my favourite platter and pick home grown stems from my garden.  Producing things with your very own hands is such a rewarding joy that no one should underestimate in this very fast paced world of ours.



Green is such a calming colour I find, I sit in a green kitchen every day, my favourite pashmina is green and I’m wrapped up in it as I’m typing this as the sun has gone behind a cloud.




In hibernation at the moment tucked up in the garage are my chippy green painted German bandstand garden chairs waiting for a little more warmth before they adorn my bricked patio.  Seating in green is refreshing, a hint in any form added to your interior spaces creates a fresh calmness.




See I already feel chilled just penning this post, embrace green in all it’s forms, I’d be utterly lost without it’s many hues.


Super Succulents

My succulent

A house plant even I can’t kill!   I’m not one for house plants to be honest, the time and effort needed to keep them looking resplendent I find a bit tedious.  I like a changing variety of blooms instead, I always have fresh flowers. I blow my budget every week on filling vases in nearly every room of the house.  But there is one little plant that I have a soft spot for, the super succulent.

Super Succulents-001

Super Succulents

I have a beautiful sedum in my  garden that flowers late summer bringing a deep burnt red colour to the border but I have never brought one inside.  My dear friend Sarah~Lou from Lapin Blu has inspired me to give it a go, I had a day out in the summer at a National Trust property who had a little table of plants for sale.   A little succulent sat there all on its own and I couldn’t help bring it home with me.   It is now 6 months old and still alive looking lovely in a vintage teacup on a shelf in my bathroom.

Super Succulents-005

Super Succulents-004

The texture and versatility of these lovely plants are vast.  You can put them almost anywhere, outside on a table or patio, in teacups, crates, enamelware, trophies, the list is endless.  Group them together for a big impact or have one single succulent all on its own for simplicity.

Super Succulents-003

Super Succulents-002

I also love the depth of colour each one has from the deepest of green to perfect pinks, you can even use them in floral displays to add a bit of a wow factor.

Super Succulents-007

Super Succulents-006

Images ~ Pinterest

So from one who doesn’t like house plants I am whole heartedly converted to be a super succulent supporter!


T is for Tree

We need to thank the Victorians for many of our cherished traditions at Christmas and a German favourite, the tree introduced by Prince Albert. Trees-002 Trees-003 One of the favourite parts of Christmas for me is choosing our tree, I seem to get a bigger one every year, this year being no exception it truly is a bobby dazzler and I’m sure its growing on a daily basis!   We always purchase from our local forestry commission, all proceeds go back into regenerating the facilities and walkways in the area then when all the festivities are over our tree then gets recycled by our local council, planted into nearby sand dunes to prevent erosion. Trees-001 Trees-004 The smell is utterly divine and once decorated I can sit back content knowing my work is done and the enjoyment of the holidays starts.  The cooking, the wrapping and everything else in between is an absolutely joy; can you tell that I love Christmas?Trees-005 Trees

Images ~ Here

So whatever tree you have; be it teeny tiny or huge, real or faux, kitch or traditional, in a pot or out, or a tree that isn’t a tree; enjoy it!

Merry Christmas


and Sleep ….

As soon as November comes around the call of Christmas and the hulabaloo of the season, dark mornings and dark evenings all of this makes me want to curl up under my duvet and stay there for a while.   I do enjoy this time of the year but sometimes being cosy and warm is all that I crave.

Our bedroom is a little cocoon, deep red walls, wooden floors, plumped up cushions and squishy eiderdowns, you can understand the reasons for not wanting to leave it every morning!

But I do covet other rooms to rest your head in, I have a pinterest board filled to the brim with the most wonderful rooms, how marvellous it would be to be able to click your fingers and have a different scheme for different seasons without the cost!

Here are a few of my favourites, displayed in themes ….

Pale… and Sleep-005 By the window… and Sleep Wooden… and Sleep-001 Greens… and Sleep-003 Reds… and Sleep-004 Darks… and Sleep-002

All Images ~ Here

I do hope you enjoy your stylish slumbers this weekend!