One Dark Wall

I’m not going to tell you how to decorate with dark paint, just a simple post embracing the darker shades just because I love them.

I lean towards dark walls in my home, even to the point of painting wall and ceiling the same colour which gives a wonderful cocooning effect, if you have decent windows natural light bounces off the surfaces without making the room feel claustrophobic.

I think its a total myth that dark walls make a room feel small, it has the opposite effect in my house.  I’m not suggesting to paint every surface black by any means. A balance of light and shade is good, such as painting an entrance hall in a dark hue revealing a bright living space. It definitely draws the eye.

Places to get inspiration for going over to the dark side are Abigail Ahern and Rockett St George. They both use dark elements to amazing effect and show you how it can be done well.

Some of the best paint brands do exquisite dark tones, Cassandra Ellis new paint range is delicious with names like Bitter Chocolate and Ink.  My old favourites Farrow & Ball who I have used extensively throughout my home, the latest dark colour I have used is Blue Black which is deliciously inky.  Bauwerk Colour do some wonderfully rich shades with their unique limewash paint also I can’t forget Little Greene and their deep colour choices.

So my advice is if you are thinking about dark paint and are a little reluctant, don’t be; give it a go and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.  Start small and maybe paint one wall at first but I know once you start you won’t be able to stop.   Another thing to remember is it’s only paint; if you really don’t like it then get the brushes out and change it.

If you need a little more inspiration come and follow my dark pinterest board, so many ideas all in one place.

Now what can I paint next, I’ve got my eye on Off Black and maybe some more dark tiles for our bathroom when we get around to changing it!


Images 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 & 14



Autumnal Shift // Wallpaper

I don’t have a single wall that has been covered in wallpaper and I’m not sure why!  Well actually maybe it’s because I get bored very quickly or that I’m a bit addicted to paint, or maybe that I like to add pattern through accessories I really don’t know.

When Farrow & Ball release their new range of wallpaper I swoon every time, this time being no exception.  The three new botanical patterns, Atacama,  Hegemone and Helleborus have been designed to create a calming escape within our homes, making the space restful a retreat to feel inspired.

The tropical Atacama is based on a swatch found in an old fabric mill.  Farrow and Ball wallpapers add texture and tactility to your walls creating a three dimensional finish by using a roller block printing method with their own paint combinations.  Striking colour palettes of Stiffkey Blue and Silver to soothing Purbeck Stone and Ammonite both working equally well when added with soft crumpled linens and worn woods.

Hegemone is definitely less rigid than classic floral patterns. Its free and organic blooms flow, bringing your walls to life.  Taking it’s name from the Greek goddess of fruit and flowers this vibrant design comes in seven colourways rejuvenating any room in your house.

Last but definitely not least the maximalism design of Helleborus large and bold but fluid. It is one of the largest designs of the collection and I think my favourite especially in the Peignoir and Calamine combination.  A soft neutral palette where you can use eclectic pieces to add brighter accents, making your space warm and inviting.

So if you feel like a little refresh before the darker days befall us, then why not spruce up a wall with one of these exciting new wallpapers bringing that Autumnal twist to your home.



Images 1, 2, & 5 my own the rest via Farrow & Ball

Got to Go Green

Green, it’s definitely the time of year to be celebrating this versatile colour, the hedgerows and gardens are bursting with it and boy does it make you feel fresh and alive.

I know you are normally used to me promoting the more monochrome of colour palettes but I do have a soft spot for green as does the interior world too at the moment, the botanical trend doesn’t seem to be on the wane at all.

Whether you go all out with wild wallpapers and clashing junglesque soft furnishings or introduce a softer olive toned paint to refresh a wall, Farrow and Ball and Little Greene are good places to go, or cover your sofa in an emerald green velvet it’s totally up to you.

The answer may not be in decoration at all but bringing the outside in, filling a space with plants of varying shades and sizes.  Creating a little green haven all of your own in pots and containers rather than paints and fabrics.  If you aren’t too successful in keeping these green babies alive then take a look at Rose & Grey faux botanical range, you’d be hard pressed to kill any of these.  There are also some rather good books currently out to help you achieve this look.

I do like a deep green especially when used well for instance in a kitchen, pair it with a hint of warm copper or gold. Be sure you like strong schemes though, you may tire of this quickly, maybe, maybe not.  Rich deep hues bring a sense of grown-upness to a room don’t you think?

Adding a pale green tile to a bright bathroom works equally well, or paint to base of the bath in a vibrant verdigris, which is easily updated without huge expense  when you fancy a change.

Then again it may just come down to a new chair and a plus green cushion or  a fresh linen duvet set to transform your space, I dare say once you start adding these little touches you’ll get hooked and that paint brush won’t be far away from getting in on the action too.

Of course I have dedicated green inspired boards on pinterest, who doesn’t!

Images ~ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 & 14



Changes in May


A bit of a random post today. Sometimes my brain runs away with me and I crave change, the ability to remove everything and start afresh. Like the first white untouched page of a notebook, or an empty room freshly decorated in calming tones before the furniture goes back in.





I’m having one of those moments. Following a crazy filled April I want to embrace change in May; put aside silly sentiments and remove many an item from my home that I no longer want, need, or don’t quite know how it came to be in the house in the first place.


I’m trying to bring the same ethos into my own well being so my head is clearer too. I go swimming 3 times  a week which is a great tonic for body and mind, trying to cut back on the coffee drinking and embracing lemon and hot water which is a a slow process at the moment but I’m trying.



The house is slowly starting to reflect the person I am today not the one I was 10 years ago.  Carpet has been stripped out of rooms and floor boards painted, our bedroom has just had a de clutter and paint refresh, what a difference it has made from deep red to pale grey.  I highly recommend Lamp Room Grey by Farrow and Ball, it has made our little haven a restful calm space.   I can’t remove everything and start again – that would only happen if we moved – but I can make changes little by little, replace and discard where needed.



All images via instagram and my Pale and Interesting Pinterest Board

The blog is having a bit of a makeover too, simplified and clearer I hope you like it.


Spring Clean


The sun is finally shining and we are nearly at the end of the Easter break. Whilst I should be sitting still for a while and enjoying the time given I took it upon myself to de clutter a bit and freshen up corners of the house that need an overhaul.


I can’t sit still, I get twitchy once an idea hits; so I ordered floor and wall paint, ripped up old carpet and bought linen sheets.  The paint is going on the floor boards in the spare bedroom where the carpet has been removed, more paint to totally redecorate the main bedroom and the linen sheets well they are going to be turned into curtains in my sitting room with delicious blue ticking lining.

One of the reasons I crave change is that I am permanently reading, researching, drooling over interiors.  One of my favourite places to spend a happy half hour is Light Locations an agency with a portfolio of stunning homes across the country that provide beautiful, inspiring lifestyle locations to the film, television and photographic industry.

This property has to be one of my favourites.  The juxtaposition from the old blending with the new makes my heart beat a little faster, hence the need for change in my own home. I shall let you sit back and enjoy without any more words from me.

All images above from Hawkhurst House, Kent ~ Light Locations

See told you, I hope that it has inspired you also to dust off those paint brushes and get spring cleaning …..


Tranquillity with a Hint of Japanese

landing page long-L&G

Farrow and Ball have managed to do it again, they made my heart beat a little faster when I saw their stunning new wallpaper designs.

They have released 4 new designs in 5 different colour ways within each design, all of which compliment and contrast with their stunning paint.  The new collection is inspired by traditional Japanese craftsmanship with the ethos of British and Japanese design compiled in the unique style of Farrow and Ball that we all know and love.

“Yukutori meaning birds flying away in a group; is a simple design taken from a mid-twentieth century Japanese pen and ink drawing. The soft outlines of birds float across the paper creating a delicately patterned effect that could be as easily interpreted as the crests of waves or mountain tops.”

F&B Wallaper 2014

F&B Wallaper 2014-001

“Amime meaning the space between netting; is also taken from a pen and ink drawing. It is a beautifully textured woven design that conjures picturesque scenes of Japanese fishermen repairing their nets.”

F&B Wallaper 20141

F&B Wallaper 2014-002

“Shouchikubai meaning apricot, bamboo and pine, all plants associated with celebration; has a very Oriental feel, featuring flowers, bamboo and trees in distinctively Japanese hexagonal frames. It is taken from a metallic print found in Kyoto.”

F&B Wallaper 2014-004

F&B Wallaper 2014-005

“Aranami meaning raging waves; is taken from a painstakingly crafted papercut design which Farrow & Ball upscaled to create a detailed, flowing pattern.”

F&B Wallaper 20142

F&B Wallaper 2014-003

I would highly recommend watching this stunning behind the scenes film of the shoot, beautifully filmed and confirmed in my mind why I am so passionate about interiors and design.

All Images and quotes taken from Farrow and Ball



Bang on Trend with Colour


Bang on trend seems to be the in-phrase at the moment; trends come and go but as I see it there seems to be a move away from the bland magnolias to embracing colour in all its forms.

I may have recently written a post about the new colours from Farrow and Ball here, and of course you all know I have just painted my living room in a deep blue which is truly delicious, but I have been asked by Kent Blaxill, prime stockist of Farrow and Ball, to widen your horizons with colour matching.  Go off piste and add those fabulous brighter hues to add that pop and zing to a scheme.    Deepen those neutral walls to a dark grey, deep red or even a dark brown.  It’s amazing once you try, how colour can transform a once rather dull space.

Bang on Trend with Colour-003


Bang on Trend with Colour-005

Farrow and Ball’s key colours for this year are a reflection of the landscape and the seashore bringing a hint of nature back into our homes using colours such as Cooking Apple Green, Stiffkey Blue, Purbeck Stone and Mole’s Breath.

Bang on Trend with Colour

Bring in the brights, a perfect time to update that neglected space using colour in a way that heightens the senses and makes one smile, Arsenic, Citron, St Giles Blue, Yellow Cake, Nancy’s Blushes and Charlotte’s Locks.

Bang on Trend with Colour-001

Bang on Trend with Colour-002

But if you really do love the paler shades there are a myriad of whites to choose from the brighter end of the scale to the slubbier hues at the other.

Bang on Trend with Colour-006

If redecorating a whole room is not on the agenda then how about a weekend project of updating a piece of furniture bringing it back to life and creating a new focus for the room that it is situated in.
Bang on Trend with Colour-004

 All Images ~ Mine or Farrow and Ball

So why not pick up those paint brushes over this Easter break and give your home a Spring spruce up and yes you can buy Farrow and Ball brushes from Kent Blaxill too!




The Deepest of Blues

The Deepest of Blue

Images ~ Pinterest

Blue …. it has crept up on me without realising that I rather like it, not sure if its an age thing, past a certain point you realise your entire wardrobe is navy or beige but that’s another story entirely! DSC_9128 DSC_9129 I have accents of blue throughout my living room, I brought a rug downstairs that has a beautiful cobalt blue woven through it, there are blue touches in the fire surround, blue stained glass in the framed window, blue touches in the cushions and of course the blue Ian Mankin ticking covered footstool I purchased last year.  So my coggs began to whir, at first I thought of painting the dresser blue which would look amazing, then I caught a glimpse of Sarah Moore’s living room wall and that was it, the dresser will stay natural but the wall will be transformed.


Image ~ Ian Mankin stlyed by Twig Hutchinson


Image ~ Sarah Moore Vintage

Farrow and Ball were kind enough to release a new blue to their range that is just perfectly perfect for my space, my living room is quite long but not to big, cosy I would say with windows that face east and west, the morning light is when it’s at it’s brightest.  So the dilemma of the entire room being painted is answered for me, the fireplace wall will be painted in Stiffkey Blue for maximum impact and the remaining walls in Dimpse a beautiful pale grey. The Deepest of Blue-001

Image ~ Farrow & Ball

Once decorated I may go the whole hog and replace the curtains, I rather like The Natural Curtain Company so easy to use with a huge selection of fabrics.  I shall have to see how my current biscuit coloured ones sit with the blue once decorated.  I may get rid of the wooden blind and replace it with a roman blind to let more light in through the day but have luscious full drop linen curtains for the patio doors made in a beautiful blue/grey.  The sofa and chairs will have to stay, the rich burgundy elements will work beautifully with the blues and create a fabulous mix that will bring me great joy. DSC_9130 So as you see blue is the colour for me …


A Year in Pictures

I’ve had a fun filled year and I can’t quite believe we are at the end of it already.  I’ve just been scanning back through the blog and gasping thinking things that happened in March were only last week not months ago, time is such a funny thing it plays tricks on you.

So here you go a bit of a montage of happy months, lets hope 2014 will be as good …


My birthday month, quiet reflection and book reviews.



Photo shoots, book and shop reviews, exciting projects.

Becky Mitchell evening29



Girly weekends away, book launches, Twinings and Easter.

Pretty Pastel Style


Twinings Tea


Florals and Farrow & Ball

To Hang



Owen and Hunters first outing, to curtain or not to curtain a post for Velux, Cabbages & Roses and to be beside the seaside

Owen and Hunter

Linens & Lace

To be beside the sea


Suffolk, Summer Fetes and natural elements

Cissy's Cottage

Selina Selina

Natural Elements


Tiles and strawberries

To Tile

Strawberry Crush-001


Camping, last days of summer and John Lewis sofas.

Family Camp 2013-003

Fountains Abbey

To Sit-002


Autumn approaches, exhibiting at fairs, an anniversary made of tin and new Farrow and Ball colours.

Dark Matters



Plum & Ashby, Locations to swoon over, Josephine Ryan to admire and Toast – all my favourites.

Plum & Ashby-002

Josephine Ryan


Dark nights crept in, dinner parties hosted, more fairs to attend, stock to build, stylish slumbers and baubles.

Dining In-001

Selling my Wares-001


Has been filled with Christmas cheer from start to finish



Happy New Year one and all


Farrow & Ball Colourtastic

Real excitement ensued when I realised that Farrow and Ball have released 9 new colours for 2013.  I shall let the colours do the talking.

Nancy’s Blushes No.278

Ammonite No.274

Stiffkey Blue No.281

Mole’s Breath No.276

Dimpse No.277

Wevet No.273

St Giles Blue No.280

Purbeck Stone No.275

Yellowcake No.279

All images here

A new colour card has been ordered I have a few things that need sprucing up in my house including a pine dresser that needs a makeover.  Stiffkey Blue is winning at the moment with maybe a contrasting colour for the back panelling say Eating Room Red or Brassica, choices, choices!

Jane x