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    Christmas Joy

    I’m not going to write gift guides or how to decorate your home this festive season.  What I am going to do however is wish you all a very Merry Christmas what ever way you decorate or what ever you buy I’m sure you will have a wonderful time no matter what. I am looking forward to slowing down, spending precious time with my loved ones and having a thoroughly decadent few days. Happy Holidays let the festivities begin Jx (Images via Pinterest)

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    Christmas Wishes

    Just a few words of warmth and best wishes to all my lovely readers.  Without you I couldn’t do what I do and I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas, time to slow down and enjoy every magical moment that this season brings. Merry Christmas Jx   (Images via pinterest)

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    It’s Here

    The winter solstice has just passed, time to embrace these darker days, enjoy the quiet moments that they bring and to reflect on the year that has passed. Slow mornings spent curled under the duvet just a little bit longer, coffee in hand.  Preparing treats and planning for the big feast on Christmas Day.  Lingering longer at the table lit by candle light, all these precious simple things fill me with joy. Now it’s time for me to wish you all a Merry Christmas I hope that your’s will be filled with the simplicity and thoughtfulness that this wondrous season brings. with thanks to Curious Egg for the cabin rustic…

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    Merry Christmas

    As my usual post day falls on Christmas Day I thought I’d put out my post a day early as I know fine well I won’t be going anywhere near my laptop after writing this.  Truly a seasonal break is most certainly needed to take time to slow down and be inspired by what is around you rather than through a screen. So on that note I am wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, I hope you all take time to snuggle, feast, gather and laugh with those you love most dearly. Lots of Love All image from here

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    Merry & Bright at The Welsh House

    During my stay at The Welsh House a couple of weeks ago the light and weather conspired against me for a day but on the morning we left the sun shone through the rain clouds and created such an ethereal light, so bright and still. Dorian thought I could work with some beautiful paper he had ordered from Esme Winter.   I thought hard about how to use these wonderful creations but didn’t want to damage them in anyway as they could be used later after I had left, so I decided to display them so you can see them in all their sumptuous glory. As it is now only…