Christmas Joy

I’m not going to write gift guides or how to decorate your home this festive season.  What I am going to do however is wish you all a very Merry Christmas what ever way you decorate or what ever you buy I’m sure you will have a wonderful time no matter what.

I am looking forward to slowing down, spending precious time with my loved ones and having a thoroughly decadent few days.

Happy Holidays let the festivities begin


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It’s Here

The winter solstice has just passed, time to embrace these darker days, enjoy the quiet moments that they bring and to reflect on the year that has passed. Slow mornings spent curled under the duvet just a little bit longer, coffee in hand.  Preparing treats and planning for the big feast on Christmas Day.  Lingering longer at the table lit by candle light, all these precious simple things fill me with joy.

Now it’s time for me to wish you all a Merry Christmas I hope that your’s will be filled with the simplicity and thoughtfulness that this wondrous season brings.

Merry Christmas

As my usual post day falls on Christmas Day I thought I’d put out my post a day early as I know fine well I won’t be going anywhere near my laptop after writing this.  Truly a seasonal break is most certainly needed to take time to slow down and be inspired by what is around you rather than through a screen.

So on that note I am wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, I hope you all take time to snuggle, feast, gather and laugh with those you love most dearly.

Lots of Love


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Merry & Bright at The Welsh House

During my stay at The Welsh House a couple of weeks ago the light and weather conspired against me for a day but on the morning we left the sun shone through the rain clouds and created such an ethereal light, so bright and still.

Dorian thought I could work with some beautiful paper he had ordered from Esme Winter.   I thought hard about how to use these wonderful creations but didn’t want to damage them in anyway as they could be used later after I had left, so I decided to display them so you can see them in all their sumptuous glory.

As it is now only three weeks away from Christmas, presents are being bought and wrapping ideas come to the fore.  I think the hand crafted paper from Esme is a perfect statement maker for any gift.  I’m not one for festive paper I like to be different and this paper certainly is that.

As I  had the light and the white wall I thought I would take a few more festive images too, simplicity is key I think, natural elements with a touch of colour make me extremely happy, I do love the run up to Christmas and I think if I’m honest I relish this time more than the big day itself.

How are you going to wrap your gifts this year?   I hope my wrapping pinterest board will help you get inspired.



A Simple Christmas


It’s that time again the anticipation is building in my home for the decorations to be welcomed down from out of the loft and the ritual of choosing the perfect tree which takes a while I can tell you, I am terribly fussy.   The rest is nature bound, I fill glass jars with eucalyptus, ivy and off cuts of pine, dry orange segments to  use as decorations, fill bowls with clove studded oranges.  I like it simple and organic.


Above images my via instagram

This year I even hand made my own wreath with the help from my dear friends Darling and Green and created a hand tied arrangement to place on my back door using left over pine, twigs and dried orange segments bound together with good old garden twine.

A Simple Christmas-006

A Simple Christmas-001

A Simple Christmas-004

So I thought today’s post we would go down the simple route, a few inspirational images and ideas a plenty for you to create a simple nature filled Christmas too from wreaths, to filling vessels, to trees of all sizes, candles and fairy lights.

A Simple Christmas-005

A Simple Christmas-002

A Simple Christmas

A Simple Christmas-003

All other images from my Tis The Season Pinterest Board

All super simple and easy to recreate in your own home for a truly stylish Christmas.





A Year in Pictures

I’ve had a fun filled year and I can’t quite believe we are at the end of it already.  I’ve just been scanning back through the blog and gasping thinking things that happened in March were only last week not months ago, time is such a funny thing it plays tricks on you.

So here you go a bit of a montage of happy months, lets hope 2014 will be as good …


My birthday month, quiet reflection and book reviews.



Photo shoots, book and shop reviews, exciting projects.

Becky Mitchell evening29



Girly weekends away, book launches, Twinings and Easter.

Pretty Pastel Style


Twinings Tea


Florals and Farrow & Ball

To Hang



Owen and Hunters first outing, to curtain or not to curtain a post for Velux, Cabbages & Roses and to be beside the seaside

Owen and Hunter

Linens & Lace

To be beside the sea


Suffolk, Summer Fetes and natural elements

Cissy's Cottage

Selina Selina

Natural Elements


Tiles and strawberries

To Tile

Strawberry Crush-001


Camping, last days of summer and John Lewis sofas.

Family Camp 2013-003

Fountains Abbey

To Sit-002


Autumn approaches, exhibiting at fairs, an anniversary made of tin and new Farrow and Ball colours.

Dark Matters



Plum & Ashby, Locations to swoon over, Josephine Ryan to admire and Toast – all my favourites.

Plum & Ashby-002

Josephine Ryan


Dark nights crept in, dinner parties hosted, more fairs to attend, stock to build, stylish slumbers and baubles.

Dining In-001

Selling my Wares-001


Has been filled with Christmas cheer from start to finish



Happy New Year one and all


T is for Tree

We need to thank the Victorians for many of our cherished traditions at Christmas and a German favourite, the tree introduced by Prince Albert. Trees-002 Trees-003 One of the favourite parts of Christmas for me is choosing our tree, I seem to get a bigger one every year, this year being no exception it truly is a bobby dazzler and I’m sure its growing on a daily basis!   We always purchase from our local forestry commission, all proceeds go back into regenerating the facilities and walkways in the area then when all the festivities are over our tree then gets recycled by our local council, planted into nearby sand dunes to prevent erosion. Trees-001 Trees-004 The smell is utterly divine and once decorated I can sit back content knowing my work is done and the enjoyment of the holidays starts.  The cooking, the wrapping and everything else in between is an absolutely joy; can you tell that I love Christmas?Trees-005 Trees

Images ~ Here

So whatever tree you have; be it teeny tiny or huge, real or faux, kitch or traditional, in a pot or out, or a tree that isn’t a tree; enjoy it!

Merry Christmas


W is for Wreath


I had the pleasure of driving through the stunning scenery of the North Yorkshire moors this week to pay a visit to the ever so talented duo Kirsty and Katy of Darling and Green.  The girls have their floristy workshop and cutting garden nestled up in the rolling heather clad hills.  I went to collect my wreaths that they kindly arranged for me and I wasn’t disappointed.  They are magnificently different, adorned with cedar branches, cones and dried fennel heads like mini woodland glades, I adore them.



I couldn’t imagine not having a wreath on my door, it just finishes the look perfectly and welcomes visitors with a smile.



Why do we use wreaths for the festive season?   Not only are they used as a welcoming adornment or as part of an advent wreath encircled with five candles, each one lit in the four weeks running up to Christmas and the last on Christmas Eve; they are also a symbol which originates from ancient Roman beliefs and Druid practices that have now been embraced as part of Christian tradition.  In Ancient Rome they were used to show victory.  Wreaths are a never ending circle symbolising eternal life, holly wreaths were a sign of good luck for the Druids.  The beautiful lush green foliage  and bright coloured berries also represented a promise of spring in the depths of a bleak winter.




Images ~ here

I do hope your wreaths; no matter what shape or size; foliaged to the hilt, or fancy with baubles and feathers; welcome you home with cheer in the up and coming weeks of the festive season.


It’s in the Stars

“Love came down at Christmas; 

Love all lovely, love divine;

Love was born at Christmas,

Stars and angels gave the sign.”

Christina Rossetti, English Poet

To gaze upon the stars, a bejewelled sky is such an awe inspiring sight, it makes one think about the bigger picture.   At this time of the year those little stars appear in every form possible, from decorations to home interiors to wrapping paper and cards.

Who can resist a shining star….







All Images ~ Here

Make a wish and follow the one that shines the brightest…


Tis The Season

‘Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful’ ~ Dr Norman Vincent Peale, author (1898~1993)

I adore Christmas and as I put up my decorations and wallow in the wonder of it all I would like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

These are some of my favourite pinterest images that I have collected which inspire me  no end!

All Images from my Pinterest Board ~ Tis The Season

Jane x

Books, Books & Books

My Christmas list (yes I still write one at the ripe old age of 38) is looking a bit threadbare this year.   I can honestly say my life has been enriched enough this past year with wonderful new friends and the odd car boot find that I have no need for much.   I sat pen in hand hovering over the page for what seemed like an age and all I could come up with was books and the obligatory bottle of Chanel No 5!

I have my health, my family and friends and the house is going to start looking resplendent in the next week with decorations and the heady aromas of festive cooking.  The holidays are nearly here so if my list is a little sparse so be it.  I will be happy with cuddles and laughter all wrapped up together and the warm glow that will arise watching Ruby open her gifts on Christmas morning.

Just in case you were wondering what books are on the list, here you go ….

Jane x

Festive Foliage

A month or so ago florists Darling & Green kindly asked if I would help them style their Christmas range of floral products, of course I accepted.  I packed up the car with my bits and bobs and got to spend the day at a beautiful location doing what I love the most, pottering about making things look amazing.

The girls Christmas range is rather special and different to anything I have seen on offer for a long while.   From a stunning door wreath to welcome guests to your home to it being dressed to the nines with Festive Foliage, they do it all.  Can you imagine your mantelpiece swooning amongst swags of ivy and bejeweled with pomegranates.

Inspired by Vic Brotherson our day produced a lovely set of images taken by the ever so talented Charlotte Eve of Eve Photography.

Darling and Green Christmas 2012

Darling and Green Christmas 2012

Darling and Green Christmas 2012

Darling and Green Christmas 2012

Darling and Green Christmas 2012

Darling and Green Christmas 2012

Darling and Green Christmas 2012

Darling and Green Christmas 2012

Darling and Green Christmas 2012

Darling and Green Christmas 2012

Darling and Green Christmas 2012

Darling and Green Christmas 2012

Darling and Green Christmas 2012

Darling and Green Christmas 2012

Darling and Green Christmas 2012

Darling and Green Christmas 2012

I have placed an order for two spectacular traditional wreaths for my home, if you live in North Yorkshire an order is surely on the cards non?

Jane x