New Year Wishes

Bringing a little sparkle to the end of 2018, I hope you’ve all had a wonderful relaxing Christmas and a raring to go to bring in the New Year.

Thank you all for staying with me through 2018 it truly means the world to me.  I hope that you are all ready to go for the coming year as I’ll be filling my little corner of the internet with more interiors, sustainable home wares and much more, who knows what this new year will bring but I’m ready for you.

Make a wish and I’ll see you all in January.


(Images via Pinterest)

February Styling the Seasons

I am calling this post chasing the light.   My intentions were good, everything planned; then time and circumstance seemed to plot against me.  The clouds rolled in before I could take any photos, never mind I thought there’s always tomorrow so a new plan was forged.   I woke to find the sun really wasn’t wanting to wear his hat, he had hidden himself away behind the persistent dark painted rain clouds and stayed put all day.   I set things up, left the room for a while, kept coming back in hourly intervals but the light didn’t want to play.

Change of tack I thought lets go moody with a grainy washed out texture, so lets see, how does February look for me?  Well most certainly a bit on the bleak side.   Art is not imitating life I hasten to add, this month seems to disappear in a flash, the weeks have been filled with celebrations: Valentines, pancakes and many a birthday party.  Now we are nearly at the end and we are to celebrate another special day in our house as Ruby turns 11 this coming Saturday.   A full week of fun has been had and the streamers are at the ready for her party at the weekend.

So light or no light I found these blossom twigs calming, with a nod to Spring and a sense of simplicity placed in one of my favourite spots at home.  To spend a few moments to be still and just be.  Me and the blossom before the excitement builds again.


Birthdays that are Big

An unusual post today my lovely lot, I find myself in the week of my birthday yet again, it’s today to be precise.  I really didn’t have a clue what to write about  so this will be a little montage about what I shall be getting up to this weekend with some added birthday snippets.

I have turned the grand old age of ….


Some folk find this age a difficult one, to be truthfully honest I couldn’t give a jot!   Can’t quite believe that its here as I don’t feel this age at all but as they say it’s only a number.  So I thought I would dig out some old photos of me while rather small, I remember them being taken too.   I more often than not disliked having my photograph taken, something which is still true today.


I did smile sometimes though …


Once grown up the elusive images of me are normally smiley ones, but I always seem to be wearing sunglasses!


I’m not one for parties or being too frivolous but I wanted to mark this special day somehow so I did get a cheeky tattoo which will be a permanent reminder that I will always be young at heart.


That aside a plan was hatched that neither breaks the bank nor allows the day to disappear within a blink of an eye; we 3 decided to go away together for the weekend to stay in a log cabin near the beautiful Yorkshire town of Pickering.   So come this evening I shall be having a glass of something fizzy and a slice of cake, snuggling by the log burner and relaxing.



Wherever you are or whatever you are doing have a wonderful weekend.