London Calling

Its been one of those week so I knew that time was going to be against me so I decided not to write a large in depth post for you but instead I would share a few snippets of my whistle stop speed dating kind of day in London on Wednesday.

It’s always a joy to go to the capital with all its diverse, wonderful, eclectic fast paced gorgeousness.  From getting up at the crack of dawn to catch an early train to finishing the day in Caravan for our evening meal before heading back home is rather crazy but sometimes you’ve just got to do it.

I visited Coal Drops Yard to see what it was all about and boy I wasn’t disappointed this whole area of regeneration is outstanding and felt rather at home amongst the brick work and industrial architecture with a cool vibe that it purveys, its only been open for a couple of weeks so more stores are going to be opening all the time which will be a treat for me when I next go.  I absolutely loved the French store Caravane it was a  filled with the most sumptuous tactile ethical home wares, the linens and rugs where exquisite.

We quickly had a whizz around Liberty because when in London, the Christmas shop always amazes me it does make you wish you were small again, the magic and sparkle is something not to be missed.  Of course the whole town is building for Christmas, the lights and buzz was rather something.  I love wandering Covent Garden to add that extra dollop of sophistication and calm to the day, a purchase or two in Aesop and a relaxing pot of tea in Petersham Nurseries didn’t go amiss.

Making our way back to Kings Cross for a delicious meal in the atmospheric ambient Caravan was a treat, lit with candles and the buzz of the diners was the best tonic to end a perfect day.  I could honestly sleep for a week now and need lots of coffee to keep me going until the weekend but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Until next time you beautiful crazy city, don’t ever change.


January Skies


Well here we are January and I’m sat typing this still in holiday mode watching the rain pouring down outside and I have the lights on in the middle of the morning!    That said I quite like the feeling of hunkering down, laying low for a while gathering my thoughts not running head long into the year at a fast pace with a list as long as my arm of things I know I couldn’t possibly achieve.  I am a go slow kind of person, always have been but I get there in the end.  So no resolutions for me just keeping up with what I have been doing and improving on that.  Now that the Christmas decorations are packed away for another year I like the feeling of space and will take the time to stop and look around to fully appreciate all the wonderful things I have in my life and have achieved over the last year.

I find this month one of true reflection and self care.  I have planned to get outside more than ever this year, it truly helps clear ones head along with my morning swim.  I do pretty well on looking after myself, I make time on an evening to have a soak in the bath but this year I am definitely going to invest more in invigorating potions to add to the water, one of my favourite places to go is Magic Organic Apothecary, these guys really know how to self care the natural way.  Once out of the steamy bath I like nothing more than to wrap myself up in a luxurious gown and  Toast do the best ones around, one of my gifts this year was a Kimono style gown that I could honestly live in!  I adore anything from Aesop and have gradually over time added most of their products to my bathroom cabinet, a soothing face mask rejuvenates the skin especially at this time of year when you can feel a little sluggish.

Another great thing about the darker days is being able to curl up with a good book, wrapped up in blankets to lose yourself for a while.  Take the time to enjoy that pot of tea rather than drinking it on the go, things can wait. Nothing is more important than looking after yourself and one of the most beneficial things we can do is sleep, so after lingering over that cup of tea, taking a soak in the tub and wrapping yourself up in your linen gown, climb under the duvet and let your body rest, no phone, no laptop just pure sleep.  What are these darker days for if we can’t take time out to properly look after ourselves when the sun goes down.

I do hope that you are taking time out too to slow down and enjoy these winter days, simple and still is most certainly the way to do it.