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Conscious Handbags with Fenella Smith London

I know I’m not considered a fashion blogger but I do love to keep my wardrobe and accessories up to scratch when it comes to style.  I am a firm believer that interiors and fashion go hand in hand and the way I approach my home is the same way I approach my wardrobe.   I like to take my time, choosing the right item to add to my staple collection, my clothes are always of a classic simple design very similar to my home décor.  I also use this principle when it comes to my accessories, I like chunky unfussy designs which can be used at every occasion.   So when it comes to handbags the same rules apply, I don’t have a wardrobe full of bags so the ones I do use and rotate need to be of high quality and big, I’m a big tote bag kind of girl.

The Luca Luna Una Slouchy Tote by Fenella Smith London is simply my kind of bag, the everyday bag that fits  everything in and still looks good.   Their vegan leather bags are designed with purpose, luxurious yet environmentally aware, conscious fashion at its very best.   The wide ranging collections by Fenella Smith London are well thought out, there is a style and colour just for you.  I love the choice and designs and of course the bright colours available.  I know I have a black tote and not a bright orange one but it suits me right down to the ground and goes with practically everything.  The quality of the vegan leather is fabulous, the length of the strap and the concealed pockets inside are just right too, this bag is a welcome addition to my collection.

Fenella Smith London started nearly ten years ago and the adventure continues, one that is full of creativity and collaborations.  The aim to become a British design brand who celebrates colourful self expression is still at the fore today.  Fenella designs each and every collection, from the cross body bags, to the mini buckets to the cosmetic bags and everything in between.  Working closely with inspiring makers and collaborators only settling on the finished design when they feel its practically perfect.

Their ethos is to make someone’s world a little more pleasant alongside the bigger picture of the thought and care behind the way they design, source and produce each collection.  They are also extremely proud to be able to state their vegan certification by the Vegetarian Society, being able to play a small part in supporting the environment and becoming a climate positive workforce through Offset Earth.  Their aim to create beautiful things and keep the planet beautiful too most certainly resonates with me.

So if you are on the hunt for an environmentally conscious bag that you can use for everything then look no further than Fenella Smith London I just know there is a style and colour just for you.


  • with thanks to Fenella Smith London for gifting the Luca Luna Una Slouchy Tote for the purpose of this post




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