Autumn Edit with TOAST

Funnily enough this post follows on from the last where I talked about bringing the colour of nature into our homes.  I think fashion is exactly the same, if you look at current trends and autumn collections the seasonal shift is definitely felt.  TOAST are masters at it, each one of their pieces emulates the natural world and which season we are in.

TOAST always look to nature, the textures and colour palettes of the season plus the time old cultures of artisans to create beautiful modern homewares and clothing in natural materials that show traces of the hands that made each piece.  Their current collection is drawn from the land, rewilding being the theme.

They are my go to store for my wardrobe, I couldn’t imagine not wearing TOAST, the comfortable silhouettes, fabrics and ethos bring me back each and every time.  This autumn is no different from cotton dresses embroidered with intricate folkloric patterns to full swingy skirts with wide tucks to easy striped shirts.  Supple and comfortable organic cotton corduroy, crisp cotton poplin, gingham seersucker, fisherman rib knit sweaters the list goes on.  Each garment in a beautiful shade of the turning season, rich terracottas, deep fern greens, rich blues, each pieces complimenting the next to be able to layer up.

My new additions are simple and compliment what I already have, I love adding a couple of dresses that I can layer when the weather starts to cool but can easily wear right now as the sun is still warm.  I am ready for those cosier days to add stripy tops and tights with chunky boots and scarves.  The swing denim dress is waiting patiently to be worn as the days get cooler, I love having a couple of denim dresses to wear against each other, they are a staple in my wardrobe.  The other perfect dress that I have worn quite a bit already for its versatility and comfort is the micro gingham cotton dress as you can see in the images, I have been loathe to take it off.  I am certainly a girl that enjoys the changing of the seasons and I’m ready to embrace the delights of autumn, its magical light and colours that are so fleeting but stay with you all year long.  As the days get shorter and the mornings darker I love nothing more than wrapping myself up in the softest of gowns when I wake.  Weekend treats to be able to lounge a little longer enjoying that first pot of coffee watching the sun rise over the roof tops, I wear gowns so much that I need to have a few so I always have one to hand.  This autumn is I added the patch check cotton gown which is simply perfect.  The kimono style cut is my favourite with a lovely wide belt and big pockets nothing beats it.

So here I am waiting patiently for the leaves to start turning and the morning mists to arrive, that cool nip in the air giving me the sign that I can truly be at one with autumn and the clothes I choose to wear to keep me warm and cosy right through to Spring next year.


  • With thanks to TOAST for gifting the Gingham Cotton Dress & Patch Check Cotton Gown


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