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Coastal Inspiration

As the Summer starts to fade I always turn my attention to how I can cosy up my home for the Autumn to come.  I’m always drawn to nature and it’s never ending palette throughout the seasons but the colours of the coast seem to be my go to shades.   I’m influenced by seaside homes, weathered wood, the myriad of colours of the pebbles on the beach, the shades of the sea, the rocks, cliffs and coastal paths.  It is a place that I feel most calm even when a storm is brewing and I like to replicate this in my own home.

One of my favourite books by Sally Denning Relaxed Coastal Style is a go to when I’m wanting a little inspiration.  It is filled with clever ideas and beautiful interiors that clarify my style to perfection.  You don’t have to live by the sea to create a similar look.  I’m not talking twee blue and white stripes and seaside paraphernalia but the textures and palette that the coast has in abundance.

I love worn wood which takes on a silvered smooth tone, I use boards and benches around my home to add that element like old worn pier beams.  It works very well in a paired back white bathroom too, giving it a less stark feel.  Using natural linens, both rough and smooth in pebble shades adds that texture alongside beautiful blankets that replicate colours of the sea and sand.

Bare boards and seagrass rugs, unfussy window treatments in muted tones, crumpled linen with no lining to let the light shine through are just perfect.  Muted colours in bedrooms that mimic stormy skies, or pale whites the colour of shells I simply can’t get enough.  Rusted metals work perfectly when it comes to coastal lighting, ships bulk head lights and bare bulbs add to the look.

Next time you visit the coast stop and take in your surroundings, look beyond the brightly coloured bucket and spades and focus on the coastal elements, the shades of green, grey, white, ochre, browns and blues.  Notice the texture of the fishing huts, the ropes and lobster pots, the salt rusted railings and upturned hulls of boats.  Take pictures of everything you see and bring them home.  You’ll be able to replicate the tones and textures perfectly in your own home with a little bit of imagination and time.


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