The Flux and Flow of Home

The flux and flow of home, its the only way I can describe it.  I’ve had a few weeks off, going with the flow, taking a week away in our holiday home on wheels in between.  Fresh air, no neighbours or traffic just a field and big skies, back to basic living at its best.  For some this isn’t the easiest of holidays and sometimes you feel just as tired when you arrive home but I still love it and after a year of not being in Agatha our van it was a joy.   We went to our field that the family have holidayed on for 40 years, me a mere 20!   It’s like home from home in the depths of Wiltshire and its beautiful.

We love mooching around Marlborough High Street, visiting the serene National Trust places near by such as Lacock village and Avebury, both must haves if you are in the area.  We day dream of living in such a village often, where the fennel grows just outside your front door and the swallows swoop and dance over the fields by the canal.

Then we come home and realise it’s not so bad, when you turn the key and open the door to all your possessions that you treasure, it’s like receiving a warm embrace.  I do love our little house (maybe not exactly where it is). I’m proud of what we have achieved and how we have curated the space to make it feel like we live in a small quiet village in the middle of nowhere.  We also celebrated exam results too which we still haven’t recovered from, the next chapter for Ruby is looking rosy.

We also considerer ourselves very lucky to be driving distance away from the beautiful North Yorkshire coast in one way and Northumberland the other and have spent a happy afternoon at both this last week.  At the beginning of our holiday we even had a day over in Cumbria another favourite which we can do in a day too.

So the moral to my words is this: you can always dream of far flung places and get green eyed monster at those who have what you think you would like; but home is what you make it.  If it’s warm and full of love and laughter then you are certainly on the right track.



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