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Slow Fashion Jewellery by Laila Smith

I think you are all aware of how I champion forward thinking business, those that are passionate about what they make but have sustainable credentials at the heart of their work.  Whether it be interiors and homewares or fashion I like to be a little bit different, not following the trends but filling my life with beautiful well made items that bring joy on a daily basis.

Brighton & Hove jeweller Laila Smith is just one of those makers that makes you stop, wanting to find out more about her beautiful jewellery, how its made, the theory behind each piece and of course seriously lusting after ever ring and bangle!  I do love a chunky silver ring and Laila’s are simply exquisite.  Each piece is made from solid silver with gold vermeil accents also a range of 18ct gold and silver rings.  Her designs are simple and elegant using geometric forms to create crisp, crafted and unique  jewellery.

Her collections cleverly play with form and weight, paying great attention and careful consideration to the intricate angles and structures.  These standout pieces would not only look at home in an art gallery they are definitely designed to be worn and cherished, to one day be handed down as heirloom pieces.  I wholeheartedly agree with Laila with regard to people now distancing themselves away from fast fashion, from the cheap and throwaway.  They are now realising that investing in the right outfit or piece of jewellery is far more beneficial and rewarding than buying and discarding.  Investing and treasuring these beautiful handcrafted designs so that they are handed down for generations to come.

After graduation in 1996 Laila took a place on a jewellery fellowship in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham giving her an amazing start to her career opening her practice to all the professional possibilities and working methods that she has used throughout her career to date.  Having studios in London, Birmingham and currently in Brighton she has shown her work in many galleries and shops throughout the UK and most recently was shortlisted for the International New Traditional Jewellery Prize which saw her entry being shown in a number of European galleries.  Laila has had a love of maths since her school days which still inspires the designs she creates to this day.

It has been a joy being able to work with this stunning jewellery and I would be hard pushed to say which piece was my favourite but I do love a stacking ring that makes a statement.  I think I will be adding a hexagon ring set to my Christmas wish list for sure.




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