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Time to Daydream

I love to daydream, mostly it’s when I’m washing up at the kitchen sink but the rest of the time its when I have to time to spend looking at beautiful interiors that don’t belong to me.  I find them inspiring and goal achieving and one day will hopefully live in one just like the ones I dream about.

If money were no object I’d live in the country, close to the sea in a house that could be used as our income, with a separate dwelling to run as a holiday home.  This is my ultimate dream, to be able to put my stamp on somewhere and bringing happiness to those who chose to stay with us.

For now I love nothing more than creating mood boards digitally or the old fashioned way by saving magazines and my favourite publications and putting together tear sheets.  Obviously Pinterest is a favourite but the paper version shows you how much your tastes change over the years.

I also simply adore pretend house hunting The Modern House and Inigo are my favourite go to sites that fill my heart.  My husband and I often say, shall we buy this one it’s only 1.5 million!!   Another wonderful place for inspiration are location houses, their aesthetics and style are always on point and it is rather fun imagining that you live in one of them, Light Locations and Peagreen Locations are the perfect places to peruse perfect properties.

I dare say its a little of the green eyed monster too, wishing it were you that had one of these stunning places but then I stop and look around at my little home.  I am so very lucky with what I have a warm, safe, calm home filled with love and big aspirations.

One day our little pipe dream will come true and hopefully some of you will come and stay a while and say hello.


  • Images above from The Modern House, Light Locations and Inigo (follow the links above)


  • Mandy meza

    I’m like you I look at properties and day dream and as I say to my husband at least dreams don’t cost anything and they are harmless ,I’m lucky I stay at the beach in the west of Scotland but my dream is to have an old finca in Spain with sea views and olive trees .

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