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Let’s Decorate with Lick

When Lick got in touch to see if I wanted to try out their paint I was utterly intrigued.  As you all know I do love a decorating project so it was refreshing to work with a brand I knew little about but had heard of and seen on instagram with their very stylish paint tins!

I knew instantly what I wanted to do, bring back to life my well loved chest of drawers in our spare bedroom.  This in turn ended a bigger refresh than first planned, along with painting the drawers and all the wood work using Lick, everything else had a spruce up too even a curtain change but that will have to wait until next week’s post.  I wanted to lighten the room up a bit, bring added warmth to create a calm atmosphere and give it a beach house feel.  I love white furniture, it works in so many schemes and never gets old, I love using matt paint but hadn’t used it on a piece of furniture so thought I would give it a go.  The beauty of Lick paint is that one tin does everything, walls, ceilings, woodwork, metal work its amazing, you just open the tin and go.

I chose White 06 a chalk white with a touch of pink, its not too bright but not too creamy either, it as a freshness to it with a delicate drop of pink in its base that works in many settings from a cottage bedroom to a modern living space.  Obviously once I had finished the drawers the rest of the room looked a bit drab so my roller and brushes carried on the the door frames, the built in cupboard, the skirting boards and the radiator.  You’d think that the matt paint might be hard to apply but it was really very simple, it works very well with a little roller, giving a more even coverage.  I am super chuffed with the results, it makes me smile every time I enter the room.

Forget having to buy three different mediums to paint one space, Lick does it all, all of their paint is multi surface compatible, how brilliant is that, just choose a shade and off you go.  One of the other reasons to give Lick a go is their sustainability credentials, they are wanting us to all decorate to a greener future.  Not only does their paint combine genuine durability with washability, wipeability but they are also a low VOC, water based formula.  They are also free from animal testing and 100% vegan.  Doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Alongside my little side project I also wanted to tell you about the new palette that Lick have just launched in collaboration with Livingetc.  The new  colour palette 01: Neo Deco pastels paint collection, is vibrant and bright bringing a touch of Miami Art Deco glamour and endless Summer sun to your homes.  Working together with experts at  Livingetc they have created a range of easy to use colours, a perfect palette which includes several blues with lovely pastel touches, a bright and bold yellow, and a grounding burgundy with depth and drama.   A fun exciting tonal palette that all work beautifully together, whether you use multiple or just one single shade any will add a touch of fun and energy to your scheme.  The playful summery colours of the Art Deco scene will work all year round, bringing that added sunshine on cooler days.

The new colour palette blends seamlessly into the full range of beautiful shades that are on offer from Lick, the choice isn’t overwhelming as each colour is ordered in such a way that makes it easier to see the shade you are looking for.  It has been a joy finally getting to refresh my hard working spare bedroom but with the help from Lick its been a breeze.






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