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The New Mindful Home

A few years ago I had the privilege to have my home featured in the book My Bedroom is an Office and Other Interior Design Dilemmas  the author of this lovely book interior stylist Joanna Thornhill has now published another beautiful book for us all to enjoy.  The subject matter being very close to my heart, even more so in the current times that we are living in, showing us how to make our homes more mindful and to discover a more considered way to decorate and live in our space.   I am passionate about the slower way of living, creating and embracing a calm and thoughtful environment.

The New Mindful Home offers us many solutions to make our homes the best they can be by the way of mindfulness.  We often think of this in relation to meditation, helping to control and understand our thoughts but why can’t the same concept be used within our homes.  This book demystifies the links between body, mind and soul explaining how we can harness the power of mindfulness to help our homes support a more considered lifestyle.  Its only natural that our homes and surroundings play a big part in our emotional well being, especially now when many of us are choosing to work from home more and more.

The New Mindful Home delves deeper into the processes for us to be able to create spaces that can revive us, bringing calmness to our every day.  With the same practical attention to problem solving as in her first book, author Joanna guides us to creating an environment you will always want to come home to, a sanctuary of well being.

Each chapter is laid out to focus on a specific topic with an informative how to guide at the end of each, giving you ideas of how to achieve certain aspects for your own space.  It explores how you can use interiors to aid living with intention, slow living, creating supportive room layouts, also considering mindful effects that colour has on our well being.  Of course it couldn’t be a book on mindfulness without focusing on sustainability, embracing plants and natural elements that are so beneficial to our homes.

I think we all want our homes to nourish rather than overwhelm us, taking the time throughout the day to appreciate our surroundings, considering the choices we make and pausing to contemplate, learning and understanding ourselves to make the environment we are living in a better place to be, not only for us but also for those around us.

From the beautifully styled front cover to the closing pages it is filled with beautiful contemporary photography, each image complimenting the content to perfection.  Hopefully giving you great source material and interior design inspiration to enhance the way we live and make us think how to create a more considered natural home and live more mindfully each and every day.



Image Credits  3, 5 Si Thompson Photography/Kirsty Saxon Stylist /Karen Barlow – Art Direction & Styling, 6 GUBI, 9 ©living4media / Möller, Cecilia, 10 Caroline Rowland , 11 Si Thompson Photography/Kirsty Saxon Stylist /Karen Barlow – Art Direction & Styling 




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