Calming Thoughts

I’ve taken a week or so off from work.  It’s definitely been needed, just pottering about doing all the things that I love and resting.  Finding inspiration again in beautiful things and looking forward to the warmer days of Spring and early Summer.  Taking time to sleep, watch lots of old movies with Ruby, cook and just be in our home without worrying about posting and daily interactions on Instagram.  It’s quite nice to step back for a while to recharge, I’m very fortunate to be in the position to do so because sometimes family and others needs are greater than your own.

As you all well know I love a moodboard, this one fills me with the calmness I needed and to imagine the balmier days to come.  Paler palettes and serene spaces bring me so much joy at the moment and a few more days resting won’t hurt that much either.



Images via Pinterest

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