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TOAST // Made to Order

I don’t need to tell you how much I adore TOAST.  They are my go to store, it is as if they design everything perfectly to fit my every curve and my wardrobe would be less rich without their designs hanging there.  I never have the ‘I don’t know what to wear moments’ as I have a staple collection that sees me through the seasons perfectly adding a new piece here and there to update and refresh.

I was so happy to see the new collection from TOAST arrive last month, Made to Order is rather a special concept and one I wholeheartedly agree with.  Aware of the impact fashion has on people and the planet TOAST have spent the last twenty years honouring the importance of timeless design and quality, bringing us long lasting garments.  They are committed to implementing new socially conscious initiatives, from product development, material sourcing to repair services, recycling and product life cycle management which is a one of their great strengths and assets in my book.

The Made to Order collection strengthens their environmental commitments further, expanding on these initiatives taking a step closer to circular principles, making sure that this collection is as low impact as possible and that the garments will work for many years to come – future heirlooms if you will.  The collection will offer a seasonless edit of transitional pieces, all designed as a cohesive mix of style across womenswear, accessories and homeware.  The making of these items only begins when your order is placed, bringing with it the anticipation of receiving and knowing it was made for you.  The approach of making each piece to order ensures that the artisan makers will only produce to demand, minimising waste.  Additional Made to Order products will continue to be introduced later this year.

This beginning of this collection starts with beautiful colourful Ikat designs, the Forte Ikat wrap dress and wrap jacket.  The checked fabric will be hand woven, precisely tied and carefully hand dyed by master weavers in Southern India.  This technique has been passed down from one generation to the next.  Making each piece to demand will ensure that the artisan makers are able to efficiently weave the correct amount of fabric and reduce wastage.  Ikat means to tie or bind and is an age old and complex technique of patterning cloth.

Alongside the dress and jacket are two functional accessories, the Francli Ramblers Pocket and an exclusive Kate Sheridan Oversized Tote.  Francli Craftwear create hardwearing, functional accessories from their shared workshop in Falmouth, Cornwall.  Quality and longevity are at the fore when it comes to producing short runs of hand crafted aprons, rucksacks and small accessories made to last.  The Pocket is a minimal design but with enough space to fit all of the ramblers much treasured items, from glasses to keys, a notebook and pen.  It is crafted from a veg tanned leather and stitched with precision, ageing beautifully over time.  Kate Sheridan is a British designer who specialises in quality leather goods made using traditional techniques.  Based in Clapton, London, most of her designs are created in house with the rest produced in small leather factories in Kent and Suffolk.  The exclusive design for the Oversized Tote for TOAST is based on one of Kate’s best selling styles, known for its roomy interior.  Crafted with soft and lightweight Italian veg tanned leather, each tote will be made by hand in Suffolk.

I couldn’t put it any better than the words of the CEO of TOAST, Suzie de Rohan Willner

“It’s no longer enough to reduce our impact on the planet; at TOAST we strive to go a step further, leaving the environments and communities we touch improved upon by our conscious actions. By looking at our impact areas, we have set out a roadmap to enrich and educate, contribute through collaboration, cherish our materials and minimise our waste. Community is at the heart of every facet of our business and we believe our best path forward isn’t as a singular voice but a collaborative one, working closely with our customers, suppliers and makers. Together, we hope to create long lasting and low-impact products to be cherished both today and tomorrow.” 

I am passionate about this brand and the lengths that they go to to create products that are unqiue, designed with care, made with exceptional materials and to present them to us in the most thoughtful and inspiring ways.  I truly couldn’t be without them.



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