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Mood Enhancing Colour Palette

Paint charts make me happy, I love nothing more than sitting with a coffee choosing different combinations to uplift my home.  Sometimes I’m not even considering a decorating project I just like to day dream, even to the point of updating and renovating a home that doesn’t even exist, using my imagination to create my ideal home.  It has the same calming effect as putting together mood boards, having everything that inspires you all in one place bringing a moments joy.

My home is a haven, not perfect by any stretch of the imagination as budget won’t quite stretch to that but cosmetically I can add tone and texture, warmth and light by changing the wall colours and adding natural tactile elements.   Bringing it all together into a cohesive inviting space, nothing I can do about what I look out onto but clever little touches draw the eye in and bring happiness.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with liking a modern home that is light and bright, I do love white spaces but over the years colour has crept in subtly.  I’m not one for bright in your face colours but ones that reflect nature, the sludgy muted tones that you find everywhere if you take the time to look.   Atelier Ellis paints have become a fast favourite and slowly but surely my home is being converted to their wonderful hues.  With a little more time on our hands at the moment I thought that I would get the brushes out again and update parts of our living room.  I changed the fireplace wall to a gorgeous warm brown a year or so ago but left the other walls as they were but now they too are going to be getting a facelift to compliment Birds Nest.  Still staying on the lighter side but with a bit more depth the ceiling woodwork and radiators will be in unison. It’s time I did it but sometimes these jobs are the ones you put off the most.

I think colour can play a big part in how our moods are effected, finding the right tone that suits the light that flows in your home is very important, a shade in my home may look completely different in yours.  Taking your time to choose the perfect match is key, getting a little advice too helps enormously. Most paint companies offer consultations helping you choose the right paint for your space.  I think sometimes you’d be rather surprised at the combinations they come up with but I would wholeheartedly advise you to take that leap of faith.  Last but not least if you really don’t like your original choice it’s only paint, it can be easily changed!


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