A Different Kind of January

January can be a bleak month at the best of times after all the glitter of Christmas.  This year the bleakness outside is also hampered with the current pandemic and other factors that are weighing a little heavy on all our hearts.  I always write a post at the beginning of the year filled with gentle reminders that there are beautiful moments to experience in the darkest days of the year but even I must admit this time around even I have struggled a little to get my head around the situation that we find ourselves in.

So last week was a week of reflection, taking stock and getting to grips with a new lockdown, this week I am finding my feet again.  Obviously I am extremely lucky to be home with my family, safe and content, I don’t have to go anywhere if I choose not too.  We have organised our lives so it hasn’t had a massive impact on our day to day routine but I must admit this time around it does feel a little different.  The anticipation of hope is lacking as we really don’t know what is coming.  So my mantra is to take each day as is an achievement in itself, keeping the home as peaceful as possible so when work and school are done for the day there is calm.  Noticing the little things such as green shoots showing their heads in the garden, the birds foraging and singing their morning songs, when out walking noticing the different colour palettes of bare branches and lichen covered stems.  I often find myself standing at a window and watching the sky, its rather therapeutic, I concentrate on my breathing as the colours change across the roof tops, nature keeps on giving, it doesn’t know that we as humans are struggling a little at the moment.

It is certainly time to focus on the home, making it a sanctuary of warmth and contentedness.  I have taken the time to source some new bits and pieces to make our space even more welcoming.  I am adding more layers of rugs in our living room, all natural elements that create a cosy cocoon.  I  have my eye on a delicious vintage Beni Ourain rug with brown notes to tie in the main wall, I’m also planning on a few more decorating projects over the coming months to refresh a few tired areas.  Its good to keep your mind a little active, if we can’t plan holidays or days away why not spend the time bringing goodness into our homes.

I also find having calming music playing throughout the day helps with negative thoughts and stops you scrolling the news every 5 minutes.  These are some of my favourites below and Riopy.:

Zoe Keating

Penguin Café
Slow Sound by Toast

Eating well and together around the table, hot soaks in the bath filled with scents to ease your body and having a good bedtime routine, all of which I have talked about before.

I hope you are keeping your spirits up, if there is anything you would like me to write about in the future do let me know, it’s what makes me happy.

What do you think?

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