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The Calming Ritual of Tea

There is nothing more wonderful than a cup of tea, I know that it doesn’t solve all the problems in the world as suggested in many sayings but the moment when the warm elixir fills your thoughts with its taste can transport you away to another place for a few fleeting minutes.

The calming ritual of making a pot of tea is one to cherish and making the time to do it is mindful in itself.  The actions and motions you go through to prepare the pot, the precious minutes you wait for the leaves to stew and the slow process of pouring the tea into your favourite mug is a little meditative.  Then to take your time to drink your brew with no distractions, just you and your mug quietly going through your thoughts.  Happiness indeed but I know we don’t always have the time to do this and a quick bag in a cup on the run is acceptable to get your tea fix.

I have recently worked with a new artisan brand Galerie du The who will take you on a journey through the world’s finest unsung artisan tea gardens bringing you a selection of exquisite small batch teas into your home.  They pride themselves on the fact that not only are their teas refreshing but the aromas are as fresh and beautiful as the day it was harvested.

The Future Kept also supply some wonderfully unique teas, especially an organic Christmas tea which is perfect for this time of the year.  Tea Lab are also superb I have been a fan of theirs for quite some time and always have a jar of their organic Assam loose leaf on the go. Toast are a go to store to find beautiful artisan ceramics by Pip Hartle to enjoy drinking your tea from,  Lucy Rutter tea pots are rather wonderful and would look beautiful on your kitchen worktop as would one by Pottery West.  I do like trying new teas, I’m not necessarily one for herbal mixes but I’m always willing to give them a try.   Their benefits for your body and well being are quite amazing and there is an infusion for all.  Wilder Botanics are masters of hand blending small batches of natural products to cleanse, calm and support the immune system.  I am definitely going to treat myself to one of their blends.

I think that making tea and the art and ritual of doing so helps us enormously especially in these strange times, tea is a great comforter whether drinking it by yourself with your thoughts or sharing a pot with a friend.  Choosing the right blend also can aid sleep, I do enjoy a cup of tea before bed on an evening, it’s part of my routine alongside warm a bath, which helps makes me feel centred and calm before going to sleep.

All of these wonderful teas would make the perfect Christmas gift too, bringing someone a little bit of relaxation to their holiday festivities.

Images 5 & 6 The Future Kept, Images 7 Tea Lab, Images 8 & 9 Toast

With thanks to Galerie du The for gifting their tea




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