Coming Together to Shop Small

This is not a Christmas post, far from it, I wanted to share with you some wonderful independent stores that I like to support.  Not just because of the current climate of lockdown and the devastating effect it is having across the country but because I choose to buy beautiful products from these talented folk all year round.  I think it is so very important to shop small, ever more so at this moment it time, as a family we adopted this position many many years ago.  We refrain as much as we possibly can from buying on a whim from big conglomerates such as Amazon, Jeff Bezos definitely does not need my pound I can tell you!

I really don’t like mass produced anything, what I do like is finding that unique item that brings joy when you use it on a daily basis and all these magical stores have those items.  There is a little something for everyone amongst them, from homewares to luxury feel good items, self care products, jewellery, from hot chocolate to the perfect kitchen knife, all made with passion by talented makers.

I’m not going to go into to much depth about each store but I would appreciate it so very much if you visited each one to see their beautifully curated wares, I know that you will find the perfect gift to give this year amongst them or simply treat yourself to something that will spark happiness.

Freight Store

Advocates of good design their products are created which great consideration, carefully sourced to ensure each item is going to last well and get better with each use, to fit into daily life and become firm favourites.  The store in Lewes is just an interiors lovers dream and is replicated through the website also selling household goods, clothing, accessories, food and beauty items.  I have bought many things from Freight over the years, their ceramics have pride of place in my kitchen, I also own knives, throws, candle holders, socks, soaps the list goes on.

The Future Kept

I probably don’t have to introduce you to The Future Kept at all, owners Jeska and Dean bring us a varied collection of consciously crafted, responsibly and ethically sourced products for your home, so that we can invest in living a more eco-friendly sustainable lifestyle.  I treat myself quite often, I stock up on beeswax candles and Pump Street hot chocolate, there isn’t a Christmas that goes by without someone in my family receiving something from The Future Kept.  They are usually the first place I look when I want something that little bit different but extra special.

Object Story

I wrote about Object Story a few weeks ago here simple everyday objects but more unique than most.  A beautiful selection of objects for the home but with added seasonal flourishes, keep your eyes peeled for some wonderful wooden Christmas decorations and stationery coming soon.


Another one of my staple go to stores, during lockdown their soap has been a permanent fixture next to our kitchen sink, keeping our hands clean, supple and smelling delicious.  Aerende is a lovingly sourced collection of handmade items for your home. All of their products are created in the UK by people facing social challenges. Produced in low-volume batches and designed to improve with age, each purchase from their range of ethical homewares directly supports and provides opportunities for our talented makers.  It makes it so very much more important to support brands such as Aerende.

The Curious Merchant

I had the pleasure of being able to visit this stunning store in the market town of Masham North Yorkshire last weekend.  It was such a treat being able to feast my eyes on all the beautiful products Alison has curated with such panache.  Of course I didn’t come away empty handed, I could have filled my baskets ten times over!  It is a sheer joy to be able to support new businesses such as The Curious Merchant, we all need interesting stores like this to bring happiness to our everyday and make our homes ones that we cherish.  With a mix of homewares, salvaged finds and haberdashery there is a something for everyone.

Hare and Wilde

This is another beautiful store nestled in the picturesque North Yorkshire market town of Malton.  I have visited the store which is utterly fabulous. Another firm favourite that has a little something for everyone, their rug collection is rather something.  The overall ethos behind Hare and Wilde is to select British and Scandinavian makers, handpicking timeless homewares with a story to tell.  With a continued devotion to sustainability and simplicity every piece will endure the test of time and fill your home with treasured memories.

Midgley Green

Situated in the coastal town of Clevedon, Midgley Green are renowned for their contemporary crafts, handmade gifts by British makers of pottery, woodwork and textiles.  Their basket collection is something to behold and sell like hot cakes.  Beautifully curated products with stories that bring joy and make the perfect gifts for you and your loved ones.

Lines and Current

One of the first stores I go to when looking for jewellery.  I have many pieces myself and I always get Ruby a little something as gifts, stunningly different pieces that always spark a reaction when I wear them.  I couldn’t be without Lines and Current for their simplicity and uniqueness.

Essence + Alchemy

My home could simply not be without Essence + Alchemy.  Incense sticks and cones are my go to product to bring calm to my space, filling my home with their heady scent, I’d be lost without them.  I also use their bathing salts, Luna being my all time favourite, not only does it make me relax when having a soak but looks absolutely stunning on the shelf waiting to be used.  Known for their botanical candles plus everyday rituals to help support natural wellbeing.  All handmade with environmentally sustainable and ethically sourced natural materials, each product is designed with integrity and made by hand in their garden laboratory in Sheffield. Uniquely scented with 100% pure essential oils. No artificial/synthetic fragrances or scent enhancing additives. Plastic free packaging.  Another go to store to bring calm and tranquillity to your day, simply perfect, especially now in our current climate.

Londe Bontanics

I am a huge ambassador for Londe Bontanics, I use these sumptuous products everyday as part of my skincare regime.  Inspired by ancient anointing rituals, these nurturing skincare and aromatherapy oils are made from 100% British grown botanicals, hand bottled in England.  I think looking after your wellbeing is so very important especially now, creating a skincare routine using these nourishing oils will bring a moments joy each and every day.  They make the most perfect gift too.

Magic Organic Apothecary

Another of my essential skincare stores, natural simple and kind, all their products make for superb presents even if you are simply giving yourself a little gift.  I could not be without a pot of green balm and their newly launched silver rain is becoming a fast favourite.

I do hope you spend a little time enjoying looking at these fabulous stores, each one unique and special in their own way.  They need your support more now than ever and if you have started thinking about Christmas gifts then look no further I have you covered.



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