Autumn Dilemmas

The last couple of weeks have been quite strange, life stopped for a little while when my daughter tested positive for Covid and we had to self isolate.  Something I thought we had worked so hard at preventing happened just like that.  This isn’t a story of woe but one of reflection, that this can and is happening to many families daily, each and everyone of us is dealing with and handling it in our own ways.

Usually at this time of year after my malaise of Summer passing has gone I get quite excited about Autumn, I definitely am a person who lives in the now and not way ahead of myself.  So now that the season of golden leaves and burnished skies is here I’m quite happy.  The frisson however that usually accompanies my love of Autumn isn’t quite here.  I’m normally planning our annual holiday away in our van Agatha to the Lake District, it truly is magnificent there at this time of year but alas we are not going due to you know what.  With restrictions changing at light speed we have decided against a holiday just as we have throughout.  Hopefully now that our isolation period is coming to an end we will venture out. If all goes to plan a day trip to our favourite spot on Ullswater is on the cards, to soak up the views and breathe in the cool fresh air.  Even if we can’t do all our usual activities being able to escape for just a day to my happy place will be joyous.

Not being allowed out of the house for two weeks has been a challenging experience, you’d think hibernating would be fun but its surprisingly much harder than you might think.  I kept reminding myself that I am so very lucky having my home and a garden to be able to have a little outside time but normal life continued, my husband had to work, Ruby had to carry on with school.  I found myself floundering a little trying to keep it all together.  I don’t think I’ll take going for a walk for granted ever again.

The horribleness of what is happening in our country at the moment is quite heartbreaking and very hard to ignore.  Next week however a break from work and school is most certainly welcome, time to reflect and look forward to all the simple things that we hold precious, from a walk in the woods, to making big batches of soup to warm our hands and tummies after being outside.  Cuddling up together on the sofa, lighting candles, reading books and enjoying movies together.  We don’t need to be doing all the time but being able to go outside once in a while into nature will most certainly make me appreciate all the things we cherish when we are at home.




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