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Home for the Soul // Creating a Considerate Sustainable Home

I truly believe that creating a home is one of life’s pleasures, to create a place that is considerate to its surroundings and not being seduced by the fast paced world that is racing around us is another thing altogether.  To be confident enough to buck the trends to make your home one that thoughtful and brings happiness is something to strive for, elements of your home that show wear and tear, the knocks of time that make something even more special than when it first arrived is something to be cherished.

Reviewing a book like Home for the Soul makes my work even more enjoyable than normal, this beautifully curated book by Sarah Bird and Dan Duchars of The CONTENTed Nest is all about creating a considerate and sustainable home that reflects the spirit and passion and of course taste of its inhabitants.   Showing that with a little awareness we are becoming far more thoughtful about the materials we use and how to lighten our footprint on the planet.

The book is set out in two sections, the first is The Elements sharing ideas to bring everything together cohesively from choosing the right paint, furniture and lighting, fabrics and textiles, how to create a sense of well being adopting a slower approach to every day living.  The second section The Homes explorers a handful of soulful homes and their owners, discovering how they have created their spaces to be beautiful and responsible at the same time.  The book looks at how to use sustainable materials, how to use traditional skills and how to select organic and hand produced homewares.

There are so many simple solutions to creating a warm, contented home regardless of whether you live in a new or old building.  Being aware of how you consume, realising you don’t need to chase trends or acquire new stuff to have a nurturing, thoughtful, happy home.

‘Sara Bird is a stylist, art director, writer and speaker, producing photography shoots, features and workshops for the interiors industry. She was previously Decorating Editor for Ideal Home and is Contributing Editor for Country Homes & Interiors. Dan Duchars is a respected interiors and lifestyle photographer who brings many years’ experience as well as a fresh eye to every project. Together, Sara and Dan are content creators The CONTENTed Nest, devising and producing inspiring images and stories for a number of prestigious clients.’

This is rather a lovely book, one I think you will find a joy to own, hopefully giving you inspiration to take a look at your surroundings with fresh eyes and warmth for the space you have lovingly crafted.


Home for the Soul by Sara Bird and Dan Duchars of the CONTENTed Nest, published by Ryland Peters & Small (£19.99)

Photography by Dan Duchars © Ryland Peters & Small

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