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Natural Floral Goodness

I think of myself as a free spirit, along with this comes my belief that everything in my home has to have an added dollop of natural, a little bit quirky and wild.  I much prefer a squishy unplumped cushion and a bit of a softly creased linen bed than pristine and clinical surroundings.  Things have to be lived in and look like they have always been.  The same applies when it comes to flowers and foliage that I choose to display around my home.

You won’t find big over blown bouquets that aren’t seasonal in my house, goodness no, the more natural and relaxed the better.  Beautiful seasonal garden blooms are at their peak come mid Summer, there is nothing more wonderful than a simple vessel filled with hedgerow pickings with an added splash from the garden.  That said I’m not a floral designer but I am lucky enough to know a very talented lady who is: my dear friend Kirsty who runs The Wilde, a floral design and styling business.   Alongside all the beautiful weddings and events that her designs adorn, she is also adding an at home service.  If you are having a small gathering at home or you just want to have a beautiful display to cheer you up then Kirsty will be able to provide everything for you.   Each Friday you can book a slot and have seasonal delights hand delivered, even down to being able to hire the vessels, table linens and candles if you so wish.

These beautiful naturally wild vases brought me so much joy, filled with honeysuckle, mint, blackberries and roses to name but a few.  They made me smile and also reminded me of the simpler things in life that we all still need to focus on at the moment.  Heavenly Summer moments in a vase, sitting outside in your own garden watching the sun go down with a lovely glass of something chilled, listening the the birds chattering and the bats swooping down for their evening meal.  All these little things creating memories to hold dear when the colder days come.


  • with thanks to The Wilde for gifting these beautiful flowers (details coming soon about At Home but you can contact Kirsty via her website)


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