Precious Days

As family days out become even more precious we decided to test the waters and have a wander around a favourite National Trust garden and outside space.  I reasoned that I trust this organisation to say what they mean and so didn’t really have any hesitation in pre-booking a slot to take the plunge.

We are so used to rushing around and being able to go where we want when we want.  I quite welcome the slower pace that the pandemic has brought to us and found that planning somewhere to visit and having to book to go makes you appreciate the experience just that little bit more.  Taking the time to wander around a beautifully tended garden is one of life’s small pleasures and I hope during the Summer holidays I will get to have more moments like this one.

There was a stillness to the grounds that I’ve not noticed before and we really did saunter rather than rush, taking in all my favourite corners.  I was happy and felt quite content, it made the slight anxiousness I have about venturing out and about disappear.

I find the rush to get back to normal quite worrying so I think we shall be staying in our own little world just that little bit longer with the added bonus of beautiful well thought out day trips to free the soul every now and again.  We can find the extraordinary in the everyday in the area that we live if we take the time to look and see.

I’d love to know your favourite places to visit are, the ones where you feel safe and content?





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