Staycation or Wanderlust?

As it seems that in the UK post Covid is becoming a term, things are re opening at the speed of light and for some the past few months are fading into the memory banks.  Holidays are the next big topic, are you or aren’t you going to go away for a break, dare you even consider the possibility to go abroad?

I’m not one for normally voicing my opinions on here but we as a family have firmly decided and did so some time ago that this year we are bowing out of travelling anywhere, even in our own island.  With a heavy heart Agatha our beloved van will stay put this Summer, as much as we adore hitching up and exploring new beautiful places we feel quite overwhelmed by the thought of the hoops we will have to jump through to do so.  We love the freedom to roam and I don’t think that will be remotely possible this Summer so a staycation is what we are doing.  Having the freedom within our own plot to do what we please feels far more fulfilling than the unknown.

This doesn’t stop me from daydreaming about that perfect sandy beach, the warm sunshine bouncing off pale sandstone walls, warm croissants straight from the boulangerie, an early morning swim in crystal blue seas.  All of these memories or ones yet to make I can conjure up in my mind, taking me back to France or beautiful unspoilt Wales from Summer last year.  Knowing that they will all still be there waiting for our return another year.

It will be strange not going on holiday but also a good challenge to make our every day in our own home just that little bit different, creating that holiday mood that we achieve when not here.  We will certainly switch off all technology, choose not to put on the television and spend as much time outside in our garden right through into the evenings.  Throughout spring and into early summer we have made a few changes to our outside space, creating more seating and planting areas, lifting an old patio and laying gravel, adding festoon lights as an extra flourish.  Sat outside with a glass of something cold, surrounded by the heavenly scent of the roses and geraniums you could convince yourself that you were somewhere else.

I’ve added a few beautiful images to this post that I thought would help to inspire and maybe give you some ideas in how to add a little sprinkle of holiday goodness to your space if like me you are staying home.

I’d love to know if you are doing the same as me or itching to escape?


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What do you think?

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