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Mindful Moments with Denby

How can one resist ceramics, having a beautiful selection to choose from is one of life’s little pleasures in my eyes.  Opening my cupboards and selecting the perfect piece for the right occasion brings such happiness and lifts those everyday moments.

I treasure my Denby pieces and have now added some more to my collection, mixing and matching as I go.  The durability and complimentary designs that Denby have to choose from makes putting together your own bespoke look ever so easy.  The colours and tones fit perfectly with all my handmade artisan ceramics that I have collected over the years, making it a breeze when it comes to setting my table for our daily meals.  From breakfast through to supper, each plate and bowl gets used.   I’ve tried in the past to have matching sets but it really isn’t me at all, I like versatility and quirky displays.  Take for instance the humble bowl, to me it has to have many uses not just for eating your cereal out of for breakfast.  Even when not in use it has to stand proud on a shelf and look fabulous with all the other bits and bobs I have on display.

Over these last few months having beautiful things in my home has meant so very much.  Taking time to properly lay the table with linens and foraged flowers, making each meal a precious moment filled with chat and laughter rather than a fleeting one.   We have definitely embraced the slower side of life and have made small changes that we will carry on doing as a family, we are not in any rush to have the old normal back.

We still have a routine of sorts but being able to cradle your bowl of porridge first thing at the kitchen table rather than rushing it down on the go has been simply lovely.  We linger more together in one space rather than passing each other on our way in or out of the home.  Being together has made us all the more stronger as a family and it has made me appreciate our unique space even more.  It is cosy and inviting with all our precious belongings around us, it is safe and warm and we are very lucky indeed that its ours.


  • with thanks to Denby for gifting the pieces for the purpose of this post



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