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Aquila // Unique Handmade Jewellery

I take great pleasure in writing about beautiful handmade things.  There is nothing I like more than a company that has integrity, knows its own mind, strives for individuality and uniqueness born out of a passion to be different.   I feel that that represents a little bit of me, I try and not follow the masses and walk my own path be it through the clothes I wear, how I have my hair, even down to the jewellery I choose to wear.   Finding what makes you comfortable and feel good on a daily basis is such a joy and shines through in every aspect of your everyday.

I’d like to introduce to you Aquila Jewellery, who’s simple yet intricate designs are inspired by adventures to far flung corners of the world, hand made with such care and attention to detail, adding a little boho chic to your day.  These pieces are meant to be worn and be seen not kept for best, they simply go with everything.  I was very excited when I opened the box to find the Agonda silver ring set and a lovely quirky addition of the delicate rope twist Koh Lanta ring that compliments the set perfectly.  I simply adore stacking rings, being able to mix and match and move about your fingers to how you feel at a particular moment, a decadent day of wearing every single one or a simpler day when you choose to only wear a single band.  These beautiful designs compliment other stacking rings that I own and hold the same gravitas in how they were made and the stories that inspired the designs.

The Agonda collection named after the idyllic beach that is peppered with lazy beach huts and rustic shacks, using a hammered technique to capture the contrast of the sandy terrains with the stillness of the sea.  The twists of the Koh Lanta collection mimics the winding ropes that link the Thai boats to the shore, binding both land and sea together in natural harmony.   Each collection has its own unqiue story but the collections are held together with one over arching connection that each piece is designed in Brighton and made by hand using solid silver metal in Bali.

The passion behind Aquila jewellery is plain to see, it comes from a story of travel, inspired by owner Stacey Hodkinson’s own life’s journeys.

“Each collection is inspired by a place that I have visited or lived in for a short time, which has led to an emotional connection. I want to celebrate and capture travel and dreams of adventure, and special milestones that people can relate to. Whether it be a token of love, a special celebration, a marker of success or recognition of friendship” 


During Stacey’s travels a few years ago, she stumbled across a group of silversmiths and their families working together to produce jewellery for a local market. They were using a traditional Indonesian technique called Jawan, which she soon grew to adore.  The elders of the family seemed to be teaching the younger generation their skills as they worked away in the afternoon sun. It was perfect, lovingly made jewellery, made by Indonesian natives, from their humble workplaces, that also act as their homes. Not a factory in sight, churning out identical products en masse, nor cheap materials likely to turn fingers green.  It was at that point, in a dusty village in Indonesia, that Aquila Jewellery came to be.



Each collection has a story to tell from the intricate designs of Sydney to Brighton where the curvatures of the Pavilion became the focus of the design.   Beautiful jewellery like this from Aquila simply needs to be worn, a little piece of special to make you feel fabulous.


* with thanks to Aquila Jewellery for gifting these pieces for the purpose of this post

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