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Above is a little corner of my garden.  I adore salvaged finds, reclaimed bits and bobs, galvanised goodness, terracotta pots, old wood, you name it I’ve probably got it.  The only problem with our garden, although we love it and tend it, it’s very small.  I have created different seating areas and walkways that lead your eye in different directions but there is no denying the fact that I am surrounded by neighbours on all sides and and soon as you look up my little haven gets disrupted.    It sounds like I’m moaning doesn’t it and maybe I am a little.  I dream of open space, enough for a big compost bay and a beloved reclaimed greenhouse come shed to potter about in to my heart’s content, just me and the birds. Alas this will only happen if we up sticks and moved which is something out of reach at the moment but I know one day having to put up with others’ noise and fuss will be a thing of the past.

Fantasy aside, I do get so much joy from my little plot, over the last few weeks I’ve been able to work in it far more than normal and the benefits that has brought are huge not just for the plants but for me too.  I’ve propagated some exsisting plants and sowed some seeds.  Without being able to just pop to the garden centre has made me get a little more creative with some good results, alas not all my seeds have thrived but I have invested in some new and I’m patiently waiting for them to arrive.  I’ll be damned if I can’t manage to grow cosmos, its my favourite and flowers for months and months, there is nothing prettier that brings such pleasure.

For now though I will dream about my outhouse, I have a dedicated Pinterest board full of outdoor spaces and places that fill my head.  I also treated myself to Selina Lake’s new book Shed Style so I can pretend that some of the gorgeous rooms filling the pages belong to me.

As the days get longer and warmer I will be outside even more, come rain or shine.  We love nothing more than to sit under the festoon lights, fire pit ablaze with a glass of something cold talking about our day.  If we are lucky the bats come out to play swooping and gliding over our garden enjoying their nightly feast, its such a pleasure to see them come back every year.

I hope your gardens, however big of small, are bringing you some peace and escapism too.


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