Solidarity Together

How are you all?  Coping in a myriad of different ways I dare say, I wanted to pop in and say hello, obviously not the usual post of sorts but some words of reflection and calm I hope.

Have you found your routine yet? I think I have I’m still avoiding as much news as possible and going with the flow.  Carving out time to enjoy a coffee and sit with my many interior books.  They have brought great solace and contemplation over the last few weeks and for a restless mind like mine have made me stop and thoroughly enjoy the process.  It has also made me realise how much our little home is a sanctuary, I am truly blessed to have it and rather than looking at all its flaws I have seen it with fresh eyes.  I’m tackling those left over jobs too, changing the odd light fitting that’s been on the to do list for a long time and I may hopefully get around to sanding back our bedroom floor so I can then paint the skirting boards, I’ve got the paint from Atelier Ellis so I have no excuses.

I must admit to getting the cleaning bug, I do have routines for such things but I’ve suddenly started those big cleans that you put off doing, that sounds like another blog post for the future doesn’t it.   Also the garden is looking the best it has in a long while, not restricting being out there to weekends because we haven’t got the time, its been cathartic to potter about every day, watching the daily changes.  I’ve been lucky to be able to get compost from our local farm shop that are running a call & collect service and treated myself to a few new blooms to add to the borders from Sarah Raven and Crocus who are doing an amazing job still supplying online orders.  I’ve planted some seeds, fingers crossed they germinate so I can fill lots of planters with cosmos in the Summer months and I finally managed to put festoon lights up over the gravelled seating area which has brought much joy I can tell you!

So hopefully you are having more good days than bad, look for all the positives, take things at your own pace, it doesn’t matter that you haven’t made sourdough or banana bread, written a novel or learnt to speak Japanese.  Embrace the small things and keep smiling and try and avoid supermarkets as much as you can!



  • Renata Gross

    Hi Ruby! I discovered you/your blog/Insta feed yesterday… I am quite enjoying what you have been creating in this corner of the world. You are giving me a lot of inspiration, not only visually but also what maybe i can do with my life in the near future. I am in a transition period of my life and i have been searching the ‘subject of my next chapter’. By the way, nice post! Got me to keep going!
    Xoxo + Beijos!!

    • Jane

      Hello Renata

      I’m so pleased you have come across my little part of the internet! If I inspire just one person then what I do is so very worth it. Enjoy your transition its amazing how we can find new things to do that bring joy.

      Jane x

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