Living Lines // TOAST Photography Competition

I think you are all well aware how much I adore TOAST, their clothes, home wares and ethos in how they work.  They bring such joy so today I wanted to tell you about a competition that they are running until the end of this month.

Their new Spring/Summer collection has been inspired by Living Lines, a unique concept but when you look around you lines are interwoven into everything we see and do without even realising.  I looked at things a little differently when I took some images yesterday, my favourite chair has lines carved into it, the floorboards and the edge of the backdrop all have lines.  I have lines tattooed on my hand and back each one has a meaning to me representing my family.  We have used them for millennia they are part of our everyday.

I couldn’t put the details of the competition into words better than TOAST themselves;

“LIVING LINES | This season we are exploring our relationship with the line throughout history, from weaving and writing to architecture. To celebrate this, we would like to invite you to share your own response to ‘living lines’ through a photograph.  Perhaps it is a line that has occurred naturally within a rock formation, a line of footprints in the sand, an unravelled thread or the serried silhouette of a cityscape.

For this competition, we have partnered with PATTERNITY (@PATTERNITY), a creative organisation founded by pattern pioneers Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham. Their work encourages people to be more curious, collaborative and connected and both Anna and Grace are united in their belief that pattern has the power to positively shape the world and expand our lives. Anna and Grace will be using us their expert, pattern spotting eyes to select their favourite photograph from the entries.

The winning photograph will be featured in the window of a TOAST Shop and the photographer will win £500 to spend at TOAST. To enter, share your photograph on your Instagram page, tagging @TOAST and using the hashtag #TOASTlivinglines in the caption. All entries must be posted on Instagram by Tuesday 31st March 2020.

For full terms and conditions please visit the link in bio or go to Images shared may be reposted by TOAST.”

It’s such a great way to get creative so I do hope you enter as having your pick from the new collection would be rather something don’t you think?


Images via TOAST all others my own

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