Winter Skincare

When we are deep into the Winter months I find my skin needs a little help, especially my hands.  So I thought I’d share with you some of my go to brands and products that I find help me through these cold days but also get used all year to keep my skin feeling healthy and vibrant.


I don’t stray too far from a tube of Aesop hand cream, I have one that is a permanent fixture on my bedside table.  A little goes a long way and really helps when my skin gets dry.  I use reverence and resurrection both nourish the skin and don’t leave your hands greasy after application.  I also use their face scrubs and masks, the parsley seed range is perfect for this time of year helping keeping your skin hydrated.

Magic Organic Apothacary

Another one of my staple supplies is anything from MOA, I use green balm daily and bathe in their green potion when feeling cold and under the weather, I also use the dreamy mineral soak too to relax achy limbs before bed.   All their skincare products are natural, organic and made in England.  MOA gives your skin a little boost especially in the Winter months but I use them all year round, especially their energising body oil which is perfect when you have been in the sunshine.


I’m an oil convert, I used to think it would make me feel greasy but give it a try, it has been magical for my skin.  I use facial oil every evening after my bath and I can truly see the difference in my skin, it seems more vibrant and healthy since using oil.  Londe produce the most fresh wonderful oils on the market, a little goes a long way and it also aids sleep thanks to calming chamomile and lavender that is used in the face oil and rosemary for the body oil.   Their new stillness pulse point oil is perfect for these busy months, a fabulous little bottle with metal roller, glides over your wrists and pulse points giving you a moment of calm whilst gently inhaling the aromatic notes.  I have one in my handbag all the time!

La Eva

Units of wellbeing.  La Eva is a must for any bathroom cabinet.  In their words ‘We create products that showcase the potential of organic raw ingredients and the care it takes to create something truly beautiful.  Units of wellbeing inspired by a love for scent, art, and simple rituals of self-care.’   need I say more, I alternate using their Jasmina oil with that of Londe but I luxuriate and nourish my skin with roseum lotion, it softens and lifts my skin and the scent is intoxicating.

Essence + Alchemy

Scent is a powerful thing and I couldn’t be without its calming properties in my home.  I go straight to Essence + Alchemy to stock pile on incense cones and sticks, they bring such joy.  Not only can I have beautiful scent wafting through my home I can now bath in their unique aromas too. Salt baths are just the best thing in the world, minerals, clay and heady woody scent relieves my cares in an instant.  What is also fabulous is that you can get refills to fill up the beautiful glass jar so you’ll never run out.

The ritual of caring for your skin is a good thing to introduce into your daily routine, I find there is nothing better than having a bath on an evening, wrapping up in natural organic cotton towels and then getting cosy in a lovely linen gown to enjoy the evening all refreshed and relaxed ready for sleep.   Some of the nicest towels I use are by Pico, they are simple and perfect.

And the best thing about all of these wonderful brands and products is they are all natural, organic, sustainable and make your bathroom shelves so very stylish.

What do you think?

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