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Gentle Geometric Ceramics by Hend Krichen

I think you all know by now that I have  passion for ceramics, a love that doesn’t seem to fade at all.  It is rather lovely when I come across new designs and pieces by artisan makers that I can add to my ever growing collection.  I like functionality, new pieces have to work with the things that I already have so that my organic collection can grow slowly and beautifully over time.

I received these beautiful pieces just before Christmas and mentioned them briefly on instagram but over the last few weeks I have used each one and thought I needed to tell you all a little more about them rather than fleetingly on social media.  These very stylish geometric style ceramics are by London based designer Hend Krichen whose practice manufactures and retails handmade luxury home ware and accessories.  Her main focus is to produce beautiful timeless objects designed to enrich our everyday lives through the use of rich artisanal skills and craftsmanship.  Everything in my home has to have a purpose but also has to be pleasing to the eye.  I don’t want a cupboard full of mugs and plates that I never use that sit gathering dust, I want to take pleasure in drinking my morning coffee or enjoying my evening meal and Hend’s pieces fit this bill to perfection.

Hend gets her inspiration from different regions, she embraces the variety and authenticity of the crafts available across these rich cultures such as the Tunisia Made collection.  This approach it has helped in maintaining an ethical network of manufacturers across various locations.  Hend has chosen to work with materials that are raw and of natural form, showcasing the available natural resources through each product that can be used within our homes in everyday life.

Each collection has an earthy palette, from deep matt green, to the palest of pinks to matt grey all with sumptuous clean lines that work so well with my more rustic pieces.  The milk jug and condiment pots are multi functional too and look equally stylish on display, these pieces are far too nice to be hidden away.  They truly are a welcome addition to my home.


  • with thanks to Hend Krichen for gifting the ceramics for the purpose of the is post



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