A Natural Christmas

Can you believe its only two weeks away until Christmas, are you ready for it?   I know this year it has been a rather odd build up especially in the UK what with the dreaded election but enough of that, lets get in the mood and slowly start bringing in all the nice bits and bobs that make your home so magical.

Over the last few years I’ve pared back and taken stock on how I want to approach Christmas and all that it brings to us as a family.  We have taken to only using natural resources when it comes to decorating, adding new baubles and trinkets that are made of paper or glass and especially things handmade.  We have heirloom decorations that come out every year like greeting old friends but that is as far as it goes, not ridiculous themes or plastic tat.

It all starts by drying orange segments, then the foraging of the lanes near my house for pine boughs and ivy, I fill jars and vases all over the house to add a little something to every room.  I absolutely adore real Christmas trees, we are so very lucky that not to far from where we live is a Christmas tree farm, all grown sustainably.  Knowing that the tree you bring into your home is then replaced with newly planted saplings is rather heartwarming, we also always recycle our tree every year too.

For the last couple of Christmas’s I’ve had a bash at making my own wreaths, just moulding and bending birch branches into a ring and binding ivy around the structure makes for a simple display, I’m rather chuffed with this years efforts.  Its quite a therapeutic way to spend a few hours, that brings such rewards.

I know gift buying can get rather stressful but sticking to a list and budget really helps, to be honest Christmas to me isn’t about the gifts its the joy of spending time with your loved ones, good food, drink and a cosy home to cocoon yourself in.  I’m not one for being overjoyed by wrapping presents but I always use brown paper and raffia, so simple but so effective, add a little spring of greenery or a dried orange slice to take it to the next level.

Advent can be such a hectic time but it is worth taking a few moments out of each day to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee while planning the next job.  It makes everything so much more enjoyable, especially if you have a home made mince pie at hand to appreciate the little things such as the scent of the bees wax candle that has just been lit and the twinkly fairy lights on your tree.

The most important thing to remember in the run up to Christmas is to enjoy it as it goes by in the blink of an eye.



  • with thanks to Hend Krichen for gifting the ceramics in image 6 & 7


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