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Winter Warmth by Adding Brown

On a bit of a whim a couple of weeks ago I decided I wanted a mini refresh in our living room before Christmas.  I loved my dark blue wall but I just fancied a change.  So the blue became a deep brown and I love it so very much to the point I may even paint all the walls the same colour in the New Year!  We cleared out cupboards and got rid of a few things and bought a new rug and voila a mini refresh.

I have been drawn to the brown colour palette for a while now, it catches my eye every time I see an image with a beautifully decorated room that features rich browns, wood, wool and natural materials.  It definitely makes a space feel calm and more intimate and bounces the light around more than you would think but as the evening comes the space transforms itself once again into a cocooning haven of warmth.

I live in the north of the country and you would think that dark colours would make my home feel claustrophobic but it is quite the opposite.  If you choose the right hues, ones that have added warmth and texture then they only enhance your home.

Once again I have used Atelier Ellis paint, this particular shade is called Birds Nest, a colour inspired by nature, twigs and moss woven together to create a lovely home for a feathered friend.  I can’t sing the praises of Atelier Ellis paint highly enough, it is sustainable and carefully created, many of the colours based on nature.

Especially at this time of the year I love nothing more than earthy, rich colours; as the nights draw in, fires glow, candles are lit, fairy lights twinkle and your home transforms. I can’t wait to decorate for Christmas I think the tree will look rather resplendent in all its natural glory against the backdrop of the deep brown wall.

I hope I have inspired you to be brave and embrace a darker tone for your home when you next have a whim like me and have the urge to decorate just before Christmas!


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