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Inspired by Nature by Hans Blomquist

If an interior book was to sum up my style and how I feel about interiors then this book is it, along with all of Hans Blomquist’s publications.  I feel at ease and at home when I immerse myself in their images and words, everything makes sense and I feel calm again about how I like to live and not to get bogged down with new trends.  I always come back to the colour palettes favoured by Hans and my home always has little vignettes of nature dotted around the place to compliment the seasons.  He is such a great inspiration to me when it comes to my own styling and content and this book resonates with me greatly.

Inspired by Nature is Hans’ brand new book and it doesn’t disappoint, every page is a feast for the eyes.   It is an inspirational book showing us that you can create beautiful and evocative interiors using the bounty of the natural world.  Hans’ styling is a masterpiece in laid back style adding natural elements and materials at the heart of a contemporary scheme that provide an escape from the noise of modern life and technologies.

The first part of this book shares ideas and inspirations for decorating with seasonal flowers, plants, natural objects, materials textures and colours.  Found and foraged items are always at the heart of these atmospheric displays.  Each of the interiors are filled with natural materials, wood, soft linens, worn leather and beautifully worn textiles.  The colour palettes flow from deep indigo to earthy ochre, dusky pinks and natural tones all mimicking the hues of nature.  The second part shows how being at home with nature works in real life interiors that all have a sense of comfort, contentment and beauty.  Each home will inspire you to create a home that helps you escape from the wider world, a refuge for peace and tranquillity, your own haven of comfort.

It truly is a beautiful book that chimes with me and my style, layering textures and natural elements to create a cosy welcoming home that feels lived in. One that isn’t stark or cold but warm and inviting. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, it would make the perfect Christmas gift for any one as in love with interiors as I am.



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