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Colour by Nature // Farrow & Ball

I think we are all a little inspired by nature and the outside world, bringing the outside in, creating beautiful hues in our own home that reflect what we see everyday as the seasons change.   I don’t like garish unnatural interiors, I find myself drawn to earthy elements for my home and its the same when choosing what colours to paint my walls.  Farrow & Ball are my fail safe, I turn to them for inspiration all the time and get very excited to see what new innovative things they are achieving, they push boundaries when it comes to colour but their knowledge is unending.

Last month they released 16 new colours in collaboration with the Natural History Museum, emphasising the true colours of nature, hues that have been inspired by precious gems to bird feathers, each new shade has a fascinating story to tell, has been meticulously identified, classified and researched being accompanied by a description of its source in the natural world.   The Natural History Museum’s rare book library holds a copy of Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours, this book has helped intrepid explorers to be able to fully describe the ever expanding world around them as it gave the world an official classification of colour in nature.  Charles Darwin found the book indispensable on his 1831-36 voyage of HMS Beagle.

Today using the knowledge from this centuries old book, 16 new hues form the Colour by Nature palette with the Natural History Museum allowing us all to bring the true colours of nature into our own homes.

I’ve selected a few of my favourites here, ones that I am drawn too. Dutch Orange which is bright and vibrant and would warm any space, maybe you need to be a little brave to use this in large amounts but it makes me smile, who wouldn’t want a colour that resembles the crest of a golden crested wren to cheer a space.

I’m rather drawn to Broccoli Brown, I think this one is my overall favourite out of the 16, I can see me using this colour in my own home, it suits my aesthetics very well, a cocooning hue that would warm a room, especially if like me you like painting walls and ceilings the same colour.  It works effortlessly with natural elements like weathered wood and stone, just perfect.

My head has even been turned by green, Duck Green, a deep hue that resembles the neck of a mallard, a super alternative to the deep blues and charcoals we all love.  The green would bring depth to a room without being garish, a beautiful subdued shade to contemplate using if you want to go dark.

If you are contemplating decorating any time soon I definitely think that you should take a look at these beautiful shades, bringing nature into your home is always a good thing and now you can have walls that replicate it too.


Image 1 & 10 my own the rest by Farrow & Ball


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