Those September Feelings

Well here we are into September, the Summer went by in a blink of an eye and I’m not quite ready for the transition into Autumn just yet.  I don’t fully see this month as Autumnal, to me it’s the in between days that guide us gently into the next season, but I do find myself struggling a little with not wanting to let go of what has been.

So to stop myself mourning the warmer days I try to slowly add certain things into my home that make jumping into Autumn a bit less sorrowful and to embrace the lovely things that this approaching season has to offer.

The mornings are getting cooler and a little darker and the evenings light is fading quicker so to make this more of an enjoyable moment. I like having throws and blankets dotted around the place so I can snuggle under them when the temperature drops.  Bed socks are always an essential for padding about the kitchen in first thing in the morning as you make your first coffee in your favourite mug.

I Absolutely love candles and incense sticks/cones and this is the perfect time to fully enjoy them, as the sun starts to go down lighting one is such a simple pleasure.  Find a calming spot and take stock of all the wonderful things you did through the Summer and look forward to the adventures you are going to have in the coming weeks.  The heady aromas of wood smoke and bergamot makes you long for big woolly jumpers and falling leaves.

We all need to look outside at nature too, just because its September doesn’t mean that its freezing and bleak outside.  Take the time to really look at what is outside your front door, nature is bursting at the seams at the moment.  Fruits ripening on the trees, blackberries and elderberries darkly glistening waiting to be picked to fill the larder with crumbles, jams and cordials.  The gardens take on a deeper richer hue, I rather love being out in my garden at this time of year especially reaping the rewards of all the time and effort put in throughout Spring and Summer.  One of my favourite things to do is collect seed heads from late Spring flowering plants, allium heads and poppies make such a wonderful display in glass jars around the home and last forever.  Another favourite of mine is  is lighting the fire pit, wrapping up in blankets and toasting marshmallows.  The smell alone of wood smoke swirling around in the cool of the evening air is intoxicating and I know at that moment I am ready to welcome Autumn in with open arms.

How do you like to bring Autumn in to your home once the season is on the change, I’d love to know?

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